Formal letter to editor of newspaper explaining views on student indiscipline

Indiscipline among students is growing day by day and in fact, it is now in an alarming position. Students don’t listen to their teachers and take decisions of their own. Learn more about Student indiscipline in the below article. It is a “Formal letter to the editor of newspaper explaining views on student indiscipline”.

Formal letter to editor of newspaper explaining views on student indiscipline

A formal letter to the editor of newspaper explaining views on student indiscipline

Examination Hall,

24th Dec. 20…

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,
New Delhi,


I shall feel much obliged if you are good enough to publish the following few lines on ‘Student Indiscipline’ in the columns of your esteemed daily.

The problem of growing indiscipline among students has been taxing the brains of our national leaders and educationists. All healthy conventions of academic life have been cast to the winds. The traditional respect paid by the pupils to their teachers is no more to be seen. Students go on strikes, take out processions, raise slogans, create disturbances, burn public and private property and frighten innocent men and women.

The cause of a strike may be the enhancement of fees, the expulsion or suspension of a student, difficult or out of course question papers, refusal of a Principal or a Registrar to postpone or cancel an examination, the detention of students because of their poor performance or a political development which may provoke a protest from the students. The students of Assam kept agitating over the issue of the foreign national. All the educational institutions remained closed for more than a year.

Almost all the colleges and universities of India have had their share of indiscipline. The defiance of the orders of Principals, Vice-Chancellors, etc., has become a common feature. In addition to this, we often hear of violent clashes between rival groups of students especially at the time of the elections of office-bearers of students unions. Again, ‘Eve teasing’ or harassment of women and girls by men students has become common especially in big cities. The rowdy manner in which students behave in public buses does them no credit. The ticketless travel in trains by students is a source of nuisance to the railway authorities.

By looking at the hooliganism and destruction done by the students we feel that they suffer from some mental disorder. They are not interested in any political ideology, but in destruction for the sake of fun and amusement.

What are the remedies for it then? First, the Government should be strict with wicked and rowdy students. The law-breakers should be brought to book. No leniency should be shown to them. Secondly, parents should exercise some sort of control over their children. Unless parents exercise some sort of control over their children, the problem of student’s indiscipline will go on becoming more and more serious. Thirdly, the teachers should try to mold the character of young men into healthy channels. Sometimes it has been seen that teachers want to win cheap popularity and therefore, ignore even the serious faults of students. Fourthly, the government too has some duty in this respect.

University autonomy does not mean that if discipline in a university is going to dogs, it should ignore it, rather it should pull up the Vice-Chancellor and the professors. Of course, the genuine grievances of the students should be redressed. If there is overcrowding in the college or a university, more colleges and universities should be opened. Lastly, political parties should not be allowed to exploit the difficulties and sentiments of the students.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours truly,

This is all about the letter to the editor of the newspaper explaining views on student indiscipline.

Thank you.


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