Formal Letter to editor of newspaper for frequent shut downs of electricity

Electricity is very important. Most of the works we do nowadays are only in the presence of electricity. But with the increase in breakdowns of electricity, we are not able to do that works.

These breakdowns in electricity effects directly the growth of our country. Students aren’t able to study at night due to these breakdowns. It creates a lot of problems for us. We always face these problems in our city. Many people do complain against these shutdowns. Th Below article is also one of them. It is a Formal Letter to the editor of the newspaper for frequent shutdowns of electricity.

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper for frequent shut downs of electricity

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Formal Letter to the editor of a newspaper for frequent shutdowns of electricity

211, Andheri Gali,

May 23, 20 ……….

The Editor,
The Indian Express,


Kindly allow me to express my views about the frequent shut-down of electricity in our town through the columns of your esteemed newspaper.

There have been frequent breakdowns of electricity in our area for the past two months. The situation is growing worse day by day. This shut-down is creating problems for the students who have to prepare for the examinations. Their studies are affecting due to shut-downs. These students are the future of our country. If they suffer due to shutdowns then directly or indirectly the future of our country suffer.

Moreover, these cuts are not announced beforehand. Old age people also suffer. In fact, when this breakdown of electricity occurs at night it gives rise to robbery. Robbers take advantage of these shutdowns. This breakdown is harmful to those who would like to sleep in the afternoon. Production in factories also suffers.

I request the Electricity Board authorities to do something to relieve the people in distress on account of frequent shut-downs of electricity.

Yours truly,
Rajesh Gupta

This is all about a Letter to the Editor for frequent shutdowns of electricity.

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