Formal Letter to editor of newspaper for immediate relief to unemployed

In India, unemployment is increasing day by day. There are many reasons for it. Just because of unemployment people forced to do some anti-social activities. Many Graduates, Engineers don’t have jobs. That is why today we write a “Formal Letter to the editor of the newspaper for immediate relief to unemployed”. It is a letter to the Editor of a Newspaper justifying the demand for immediate relief to the educated unemployed.

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper for immediate relief to unemployed

Formal Letter to the editor of the newspaper for immediate relief to unemployed

13, Trikuta Nagar,

15th Dec., 20…

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,
New Delhi.


I shall feel much obliged if you are good enough to publish the following few lines in the columns of your esteemed daily.

Today the problem of educated unemployed is causing worry to the national leaders and the government. The number of graduates and postgraduates who come out of our colleges and universities is increasing day by day with the result that the problem of educated unemployment is taking a serious turn. Even engineering graduates are wandering also from place to place in search of jobs. The medical students fare no better. The medical profession is also reaching the saturation point.

It is feared that there is something basically wrong with our planning and It might take the Govt. sometime before it can improve its educational system and economic planning. It is high time that the educated unemployed were given doles or allowances to make both ends meet.

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The results of unemployment are often tragic. Most of the unemployed indulge in anti-social activities like riots, loot, arson, etc. Their economic distress compels them to do so. No doubt, the government has set up a number of Employment Exchanges to help the unemployed in finding out suitable jobs. Again, provision has been made in our five-Year Plans to end unemployment. But all these measures have proved inadequate to solve the problem of unemployment. Therefore, so long as no suitable solution to the problem is found, the educated unemployed should be given immediate relief.

The problem of educated unemployment is an ulcer in India’s body politic. Moreover, it is a blot on the fair name of her economists and planners. It shows the failure of the government to build a socialistic pattern of society. In socialist countries, there is no unemployment. Frustration. among the jobless educated youth is bound to pave the way for violence and destructive activities. Unemployment is a common feature of a capitalistic society. So there is unemployment even in England and the U. S. A. They give doles to their educated unemployed youths until suitable jobs are provided to them. India should also follow suit and give economic relief to her unemployed young persons.

Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours truly,

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