Letter to Editor of Newspaper for Student Participation in Politics

Students are very related to politics. It is a big question that whether students should take part in politics or not? Is it helpful to students or harmful to them?  Below article is also on “Students and Dirty politics”. It is a “Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper for student participation in politics”. It is a letter to the Editor of Newspaper discussing whether students should take part in politics or not.

Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper for student participation in politics

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Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper for student participation in Politics

Examination Hall,

18th November, 20..

The Editor,
The Indian Express,
New Delhi.


I shall feel obliged if you very kindly publish the following few lines on “Students and Politics” in your esteemed Daily.

Whether students should take part in politics or not is a vexed question. No doubt, students were made to take part in politics long before the independence of the country. They were at the forefront of the national struggle for independence. Mahatma Gandhi often gave a call for civil disobedience movements and the students took an active part in them.

But now that we are free, the students should desist from taking an active part in politics. There are strong reasons for it. Student life is very precious and the students have to devote themselves whole-heartedly to their studies also. True education means the harmonious development of their body, mind, and soul. The students have to be physically strong, mentally alert, and morally upright. If the dirty game of politics is played by the students inside or outside the campus, much of their valuable time will be wasted. Their studies would suffer and their career would be spoiled.

Moreover, the students are too immature to understand the intricate problems of politics. They have not yet gained that worldly wisdom and tact which are so essential for a politician. More often than not they become tools in the hands of politicians. For instance, the Assam students were being used as a cat’s paw to serve the ends of the clever politicians there. They wasted a precious year of their academic career over the issue of the foreign national. So without a balanced mind and rational outlook, it is very risky for students to jump into the arena of politics.

Of course, they should develop political consciousness. They should be aware of the current political problems of their country. There can be no two opinions that the students are the cream of society, the pillars of their nation and the future hope of their country. The students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. As such the students may read newspapers and magazines and make themselves aware of the latest political developments in the country.

So we come to the conclusion that the students may take an academic and theoretical interest in politics. But they should not take an active and practical interest in politics till their studies are not completed. After finishing their education, they may take an active part in politics. It would not be advisable on their part to join politics at the cost of their academic interests.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours truly,

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