Formal Letter to editor of newspaper stressing need for technical education

Technical education is the education or preparation of students which involves preparation for jobs in science, construction, transportation, etc. It is basically the study of technology. In fact, there is a great need for technical education in India. The below article is also on stressing the need for technical education. It is a Letter to the editor of newspaper stressing need for technical education.

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper stressing need for technical education

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Formal Letter to the editor of newspaper stressing need for technical education

34, Khoriean,

31st July, 20…

The Editor,
The Indian Express,
New Delhi.


I shall feel obliged if you kindly publish my views on the “Need of Technical and Vocational Education in India” in the columns of your esteemed daily. The general type of education that is being imparted at present in schools and colleges does not suit the socio-economic needs of the country. Our country is rich in natural resources. But we have not experts to exploit them. So in spite of the resources, our people are poor. We need technical and vocational education so that we may have a large number of engineers, technicians, and mechanics.

The present system of education produces young persons tit for clerical jobs only. It has produced teachers, clerks, lawyers, and white collared officials only.

The increasing number of educated persons has worsened the problem of unemployment. If during their educational career, they are taught to do things with their own hands, many of them would not join service and accept petty clerical jobs. It is, therefore, necessary that young persons should be trained in some vocation of their choice. This will enable them to start their own business. The problem of unemployment will be solved to a great extent.

It has been often observed that untrained workers cannot do their job efficiently. We need efficient and skilled workers in all vocations. This can be possible only if they are given vocational and technical education.

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This is an age of industry and scientific development. We cannot make much progress and compete with the advanced countries of the world without a sufficient number of technically trained hands. Hence for the rapid industrialization of the country, technical and vocational education is the need of the hour.

Today only those countries in the world are great which are scientifically and technically advanced. Our own country can be great if we attach more importance to technical and vocational education than to liberal education. In fact, such education alone can ensure our progress and prosperity.

It is a happy sign that the government is fully alive to the problem. There is a network of Engineering Colleges, Agricultural Colleges, Industrial Training Institutes, Vocational Centres, etc. The New Education Policy has laid stress on diversified vocationalization and experience right from Class Six.  The center and the states should co-operate to step up technical and vocational education. Besides providing employment to young persons and solving the problem of hunger, technical education will create respect for manual labor, train both mind and body, and teach the value of self-help and self-reliance.

Yours truly,
S.S. Johar.

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