Formal Letter to editor of newspaper suggest to bring communal harmony

Communal harmony is a principle that means that different people of different religions or the same religion must live together peacefully in a society. How to bring communal harmony?

In the below article a person suggesting various ways to bring communal harmony by writing a letter to the editor. It is a Formal Letter to the editor of the newspaper that suggests bringing communal harmony.

communal harmony

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Formal Letter to editor of newspaper suggest to bring communal harmony

121, Jail Road,

Jan. 12, 20 ……….

The Editor,
The Indian Express,


I shall be thankful if you kindly allow me to express my views on communal harmony through your newspaper.

Ours is a secular country. People belonging to different religions live here. Moreover, our Constitution gives freedom of worship to all. But it is sad that communal riots break out in the country very frequently. It is mainly due to our selfish leaders who pay more attention to their vote-banks. Also, They keep the people divided in the name of religion, caste, province, and economic considerations. In fact, the identity of Indians as such is missing. Our leaders call themselves secularists and others communalists. The fact is that even the so-called secularists address their followers as Muslims, Dalits, and economically backward people. In fact, nobody addresses Indians as Indians. Vote-bank politics will keep communal discord alive forever.

Students at the school and college level must be given moral instructions. In fact, they must be taught to love their fellow countrymen to whichever religion they may belong to. They must also be taught that all are the children of God. Moreover, we should practice tolerance and look upon others as our brethren. Leaders who instigate others in the name of religion should be exposed in public by people belonging to all religions.

Yours truly,

This is all about How to Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper suggesting to bring communal harmony.

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