Letter to Editor of newspaper suggesting ways to eradicate social evil

Social evils are rust in our society. In fact, It is eating our society day by day. We have to fight against these evils for a peaceful living. That is why today I have shared an article on “Formal Letter to the editor of the newspaper suggesting ways to eradicate social evil”. It is a letter suggesting the various ways in which the students can help in eradicating some of the social evils prevailing in the country.

Formal Letter to editor of newspaper suggesting ways to eradicate social evil

Formal Letter to the editor of newspaper suggesting ways to eradicate social evil

Examination Hall,

April 20, 20…

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

I crave the hospitality of your inserting the following few lines in the columns of your esteemed Daily regarding the contribution of students towards the eradication of the social evils prevailing in the country.

Beggary is one of the greatest social evils prevailing in our society. There are different kinds of beggars-able-bodied beggars and disabled beggars. All these beggars are a curse on our nation. They are a financial burden on our economy and a blot on our society.

It has been estimated that 50 lakh beggars are there in India. They go on begging from door to door. They bother you in shops, in temples, in streets, in fact, everywhere. It is high time that beggary was stopped. Students can lend their helping hand in this direction. In fact, they can educate people. Charitable houses may be opened for the disabled beggars and the able-bodied beggars should be made to do some work. Students can also raise funds to run charitable houses for disabled beggars.

Another glaring social evil is the dowry system. Poor parents find it difficult to arrange the marriage of their grown-up daughters because they find it difficult to provide a decent dowry to them. In this connection, many young students of colleges and universities have taken a vow neither to receive nor to give dowries. Students are also organizing campaigns to educate especially the rural masses that they should not receive or give dowries. If the students work whole-heartedly and the public and the government co-operate with them, the curse of the dowry system can be abolished.

In addition to the above, students can also lend their helping hand in abolishing drinking, gambling, and some other social evils. The Government of India may like to introduce prohibition i.e., banning the use of wine and other intoxicating liquors. Shri Morarji Desai. Ex-Prime Minister declared that prohibition would be introduced all over the country in four years. The students of India should avail themselves of this opportunity to help the public in eradicating the evil of drinking. They can also organize Sudhar Sabhas to propagate against social evils like wine taking, extravagant fashions, wasteful expenditure, child marriage, juvenile smoking, and so on.

It is also the duty of the press to co-operate with the students and the ‘ Government to eradicate the social evils from the society.

Yours truly,

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This is all about how to write a Letter to the editor of the newspaper suggesting ways to eradicate social evil.

Thank you.


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