Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper to Maintain Communal Harmony

The below article is on “Letter to Editor of Newspaper to Maintain Communal Harmony In India”. It is a letter to the Editor of a newspaper suggesting the ways and means by which communal harmony can be maintained in India, or how we can bring about national integration.

Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper to Maintain Communal Harmony

Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper to Maintain Communal Harmony

Examination Hall,

13th Dec, 20…

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times,
New Delhi.


I shall feel obliged if you are good enough to publish my views on “Communalism in India” in the column of your esteemed daily.

India is a very large country. It is the land of diverse communities, languages, religious manners, and also of customs. But in the midst of these diversities and differences, there is an underlying bond of unity. Moreover, this unity in diversity is a special feature of Indian culture. The love of their country is an important factor in developing a spirit of unity among the people.

And yet, unfortunately, these differences are sometimes magnified (exaggerated) and exploited by interested parties. Communal hatred and tensions are created to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the country. As a result, the basic unity of India is endangered and the progress and prosperity of the country are checked.

India was divided in 1947 on the basis of the two-nation theory that the Hindus and the Muslims were two separate nations. Almost all the Hindus from West Pakistan and the bulk of them from East Pakistan migrated to India. Similarly, all the Muslims from East Punjab and some of them from Delhi, U.P., Bihar, West Bengal migrated to West or East Pakistan. About 9 crores of the Muslims remained in India of their own free will because they willingly adopted India as their motherland and did not believe in the two-nation theory. Of course, Kashmir gave a splendid lead in this direction. But now even after 50 years’ independence the communal riots and disturbances are frequent as witnessed at Jamshedpur, Moradabad, Aligarh, Allahabad, Maharashtra, Meerut, and various other places.

How to destroy the canker of communalism which goes on raising its ugly head now and then?

There are various measures that we can adapt to bring about communal harmony and national integration. From an early age, our boys and girls should be inspired by the idea of national unity. Our educational institutions should take up that responsibility upon themselves. They should remember that education does not teach young men to love their country and their fellow men are no educated. Our chief effort should be to keep the minds of the young free from communal prejudice also. As a first step, all communal schools and colleges should be abolished because they have proved to be the hotbeds of religious fanaticism and communal poison. Respect for all religions should be taught and religious toleration should be our motto.

The press had a sacred duty in this direction which unfortunately it is not discharging. Proprietors and editors should realize their scared responsibility in the interest of the entire nation. Various other steps can also be taken to bring about Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh unity. Propaganda is a very powerful weapon that must be used in every city, town, and village. It should be the responsibility of joint Peace Committees to do propaganda in favor of communal harmony.

Again, a joint celebration of Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim festivals should become a normal feature of our life. No doubt, joint celebrations of communal festivals like Dussehra and Eid are already taking place, but they are limited to the upper circles of society. Common people should also be encouraged to follow the practice.

A still more effective, though a very bold step in the direction of Hindu-Muslim-Sikh unity, is the encouragement of inter-communal marriages. Roti and Beti’s relationship will go a long way in cementing all the communities. Emperor Akbar gave the lead but the orthodox Hindus and Muslims stood in his way. If we look at the problem wisely and coolly free from any orthodox feeling, there seems nothing wrong in inter-communal marriages and inter-communal dining i.e. Roti and Beti relationship. The Hindu Sabha and Muslim League should not be allowed to stand in the Way of national integration. Communalism is a deep-rooted disease in Indian life and as such it requires a strong remedy.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours truly,

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This is all about how to write a Letter on “Communal Harmony”.

Thank you


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