Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper Who Criticizing the Fashions

Fashion is a style that includes styles in wearing clothes, hairstyles, habits, etc are all includes in fashion. It is a way to live life in a more trendy way.

Nowadays students are doing more fashion. They are following western trends more. They are wasting their parent’s money unnecessarily in doing fashions. The Below article is written by a person who is criticizing the fashions among students these days. It is a Formal Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper for Criticizing the Fashions of Modern Students.

Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper Who Criticizing the Fashions

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Formal Letter to Editor of Newspaper Who Criticizing the Fashions

Pushplata Mansions,
Panj Tirathi,

October 15, 20 ……..

The Editor,
The Indian Express,
Jammu City.


Kindly permit me the use the columns of your esteemed newspaper to draw the attention of parents, teachers, and students to the evil of excessive fashion craze.

Modern students are becoming crazy after fashions. They waste the hard-earned money of their parents on fashion in dress. In other words, they seem to be more particular about their clothes than anything else. They waste their precious time on the knots of their neck-ties, crease of their trousers, and fashionable hairstyles.

Moreover, they are becoming westernized and consider it necessary to possess a number of suits, pairs of shoes, and neck-ties. They are the screen actors. Girls do not lag behind. They dress like actresses and paint their faces like actresses. They do not look like devotees of learning but fashion-parade dolls.

This is the main reason that the standard of education is going down day by day. In my opinion, a simple uniform should be fixed for all students. This will bring about uniformity and a sense of equality and unity among students.

Yours faithfully,

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Thank you.


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