Formal Letter to Principal making suggestion for improvement of library

A library is a place where we learn more. But if the books of libraries are not properly maintained and no updated with time then it is of no use. In this below article a student is giving suggestions to his or her principal for the improvement in the library. It is a Formal Letter to the Principal making suggestions for the improvement of the library.

Formal Letter to Principal making suggestion for improvement of library

Formal Letter to Principal Making Suggestion For Improvement Of Library

The Principal,
Govt. College of Commerce,

May 5, 2021


Most respectfully, ‘I beg to make a few suggestions for the improvement of our college library for your kind and sympathetic consideration.

Our college is one of the leading institutions in the state, having 800 students on the roll and 30 members of the teaching staff also. However, it is a matter of great regret that such a big institution does not possess a well-equipped library. In fact, The number of books does not exceed 5000 in our library. Most of the books are worn out and ill-bound.

The latest books on general knowledge and science, are conspicuously absent there. The books on English fiction are worthless. Moreover, the classification of books is not properly done. Also, It is very difficult to trace a book here. Many standard journals and weeklies are not subscribed to. The reading rooms are not spacious enough to accommodate the students properly.

The importance of good libraries in the spread of knowledge has been recognized since the early days. A college without a good library is a house without a window. Moreover, a good library with carefully arranged catalogs of attractive, well-bound standard books will make the students library-minded. It will sharpen their intellect, broaden their minds, increase their knowledge and widen their outlook also.

Our college library must be equipped with the latest publications on general knowledge, science, literature, and social science. However, some standard reference books must be purchased in a large number. Books must be properly classified and carefully cataloged.

Moreover, our college librarian is not highly educated. He is very peevish and the students are not satisfied with his behavior also. The professor in charge of the library takes no interest in the improvement of the college library. We approached him last week about the improvement of the library and he complained of the non-availability of funds for the purchase of new books. On behalf of the students, I humbly request you to sanction at least Rs. 5000/yearly for the purchase of library books. In this way, we shall have a splendid library in a few years.

Yours faithfully,
R.N. Aggarwal.
Roll No.52
B.A. (Part-ll) Student

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This is all about a Letter to Principal Making Suggestion For Improvement Of the Library.

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