Formal Letter to Superintendent of Police complaining poor night patrolling

Thefts or crimes mostly takes place at night so it becomes necessary for the police to do patrolling at night. But sometimes police don’t do patrolling and due to their carelessness the common people have to face many problems.

Formal Letter to Superintendent of Police complaining poor night patrolling

It is a “Formal Letter to Superintendent of Police complaining poor night patrolling”. It is a Letter to the Superintendent of Police of your district for complaining about poor night patrolling by the police in your area resulting in petty crimes.

Formal Letter to Superintendent of Police complaining poor night patrolling

35, Pakki Dhakki,

4th April, 201…

The Superintendent of Police,
Jammu District,

Dear Sir,

It is to bring to your kind notice that our Mohalla has become a constant victim of thieves and robbers at night. Only last night a house in our area was broken into and all the valuables cash, gold ornaments, and costly clothes were taken away by the thieves. The police, no doubt, are investigating the matter, but the chances of the recovery of the valuables are very remote.

Last week a thief climbed a wall and jumped into the compound of another householder. The thief carried away his trousers containing a purse. The purse contained fifteen notes of a five hundred rupee each. How the thief came to know of the cash is a mystery.

On the other day, burglars broke open a room and tried to carry away a suitcase containing the valuables. The householder got up and there was a scuffle between him and the burglars. One of the burglars gave him a cut on his right hand with his sharp knife. The burglars succeeded in carrying away the suitcase even in the face of opposition. The poor householder is lying in the State hospital being slowly cured of his deep wound.

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All these petty crimes and incidents have been the result of poor police patrolling at night. On some nights the police are never seen or heard patrolling at all in our locality. On other occasions, it was around between 11 PM. to 1 AM. But this is not the time when thieves and robbers commit the crime. Their usual time is between two to four at night when it grows a bit cold and people enjoy the soundest sleep. So it is high time that the policemen should be directed to be vigilant in their patrolling duty during this period. Anybody who is found roaming about aimlessly at night should be apprehended.

I hope you will be good enough to pay heed to my request and issue necessary directions to the police to be regular and strict in their patrolling duty so that cases of thefts, burglary, and other petty as well as serious crimes like pick-pocketing, chain-snatching, car and scooter lifting, child kidnapping, etc. may be avoided.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,
Charat Singh
Chairman Mohalla Sudhar Committee,

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