Letter to the editor of a newspaper for insanitary conditions

Streets and towns are the places which should be properly cleaned. Because there is a number of people who live in towns. If these towns are not properly cleaned with time then they directly affect these people. Many diseases will spread.

So, it becomes necessary to clean these towns. Below is the letter was written by a person who lives in town and who is serious about his town. It is a Letter to the newspaper editor for insanitary conditions in your town.

Formal letter to the editor of a newspaper for insanitary conditions

Letter to Newspaper Editor for insanitary conditions

17, Satwari Road,

November 8, 202….

The Editor,
The Indian Express,


Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I want to draw the attention of the municipal committee authorities to the insanitary condition of the bazaars and streets of Jammu.

Sweepers do not sweep the streets and clouds of dust rise and enter ears, noses, and throats of the people. That is why all kinds of diseases are on the increase. Whenever people move out of the houses, a thick layer of dust settles on their clothes. Why are the roads not sprinkled with water? Are the authorities waiting for the next monsoon? There are a large number of pits in the streets where water is allowed to stand. This stagnant water is a favorite breeding place for the mosquitoes. These mosquitoes spread many diseases like Malaria, dengue, etc. which will harm to human. This water should be removed and the pits should be filled with dust otherwise an epidemic will spread in the town.

It is high time that the authorities woke up and discharged their duties efficiently in the interest of public health.

Yours truly,
Mohan Dass

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