Formal Letter to the editor of a newspaper on the rise in prices

The rise in prices of essential things is the major problem in India nowadays. Through this below letter, a person is commenting on this problem. It is a Formal Letter to the editor of a newspaper on the rise in prices.

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How to Write Letter to newspaper editor

How to Write Letter to newspaper editor

43, Railway Colony,

May 4, 20….

The Editor,
The Indian Express,


I shall feel grateful to you if you publish the following few lines in your esteemed paper.

The rise in prices of essential articles has crushed every heart and living has become very costly these days. The laborers, middle class persons and the salaried people are groaning under their burden. The purchasing power of the rupee is fast sinking.

The Prices of the essential articles are rising sky high. The housewife finds it extremely difficult to manage the family budget. A vast majority of people in our country finds it difficult to make their both ends meet. In certain families, people go without food at night. Milk has become a luxury. Fruit is no longer a part of our diet. The general health of the children in our Country is suffering a setback.

It is high time that the government took effective steps to control the prices as early as possible. It should punish the black-marketeers and profiteers. Price-lists of all goods should be displayed at all shopping centres. Both customers and shopkeepers should be punished for buying and selling things at higher prices. At least the prices of essential articles of daily use must be brought down to a very reasonable level.

Yours truly,


So, Learners above is all about Formal Letter to newspaper editor on the rise in prices.

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