Letter to the editor of a newspaper about the need of parks in your locality

Parks and gardens are the lungs of a city or a town. They provides us fresh air. It is a relaxing place in the congested town for every person of the city. They provides relaxation to us.

Below article is a Formal letter to the Editor of a newspaper telling him about need of parks in different localities of your city. In this letter a person from the town describing the need of parks in his town through the newspaper.

Formal Letter to Editor of newspaper for need of parks

letter to the editor of a newspaper

13, Karan Nagar,

April 25, 20….

The Editor,
The Indian Express,


I shall feel highly obliged if you publish the following few lines in your esteemed daily.

It is well-known to authorities that Jammu has become a very crowded and congested city. However, Population of the town is increasing very rapidly. Bihari labourers are living in wretched conditions also.

Open fields and beautiful gardens have been replaced by residential houses and shanties. Most streets of the city have grown into slums. Moreover, some congested houses do not get sunlight. Therefore, parks are needed for providing fresh air to the people.

It is rightly remarked that parks and gardens are the lungs of a city. They give us pure and fresh air and thus keep our body healthy. The young and the old, women and children, can take exercise and relax in these parks and gardens.

Although the city dwellers will really have a sense of relief as they will be relieved from their prison-houses for some time.

It is, therefore, requested that the authorities should seriously consider this aspect, and provide public parks in those parts of the city which are very badly congested.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Surinder Kaur

So, Learners this is all about “How to write Formal letter to the Editor of a newspaper“.

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