Formal Letter to the Police station for the Lost of Purse

Purse is not so important if it is empty but if it contains your important things like election card, pan card, Aadhaar card, credit card, and some money then it becomes very important.

Sometimes due to our carelessness, we may lost this valuable thing. At that situation we need to write a letter to the police station. Below is the Formal Letter to Police Station for lost of your purse.

It is a letter to the police station for giving all the particulars and offering a reward for its return.

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How to Write Formal Letter to the Police station

Formal Letter to the police station

28, model Town,
Gandhi Nagar,

May 27,20….

The Office-in-charge,
Police Station,
Gandhi Nagar,


I write to inform you that yesterday, as I was returning from the “Shankar Theater “after the early evening show, I dropped my purse somewhere between the ‘Shankar Theater’ and the Tawi bridge. I definitely remember that I had the purse in my pocket when I left the cinema hall because I took it out for paying one rupee to the watchman who looked after my motorbike. When I reached the Tawi, I stopped my motorbike to give a lift to my friend Gopal and felt my pocket and I was shocked to find that my purse was missing.

My purse is made of fine leather, light brown in color, with four pockets in it. It contains my photograph, one visiting card, seventeen fifty rupee notes, two hundred rupee notes, seven ten-rupee notes, and some loose change. It also contains one cash memo of Kesho Ram and Sons, New Delhi, from where I bought a silken suit piece and two neckties last week.

I shall pay a reward of twenty-five rupees to anyone who recovers this purse for me.

I hope that you will kindly give this matter immediate attention.

Yours faithfully,
Madan Gopal

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This is all about “write Letter to police station after loss of purse”.  

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