Formal Letter to transport company for irregular running of buses

Buses are the lifeline of every town or city. People go to work, school or for some office work by bus. If these buses don’t run at some particular time then you may get late to reach their destinations. So, it is necessary for each and every bus to travel on time. If they don’t run on their time then we must have to do complain against them. Below article is a “Letter to Transport company for the irregular running of buses‘. It is a letter to the Transport company complaining about the irregular running of buses.

Formal Letter to transport company for the irregular running of buses

33, Trikuta Nagar,

3rd Oct., 200…

The Manager,
Govt. Transport Corporation, J&K State.

Dear Sir,

I bring it to your kind notice that buses under you, do not run in a regular way. First of all, no notice board has been put up indicating which bus will leave for which station and at what time. This causes a lot of inconvenience to passengers. They have to wait at the bus stand for an inordinately long time. They cannot attend to their other urgent piece of work.

Again, the buses run irregularly. Sometimes a particular route is missed by them. For instance, yesterday the bus meant for the Basholi route never reached the bus stand at all. They say it turned up at 2 PM. while its departure time was given out to be 7 AM. This caused a lot of trouble to us all who were going to Basohli.

Moreover, the buses should not go on waiting for passengers and so ply irregularly. Even if the bus is not full to its capacity, it must leave the bus stand at the fixed time and reach its destination at the fixed time. Punctuality and regularity should be the watchwords of a good transport company. They earn a lot of goodwill and appreciation for it from the passengers who are generally time-pressed.

I hope you would kindly pay heed to my complaint, run the buses regularly in time and redress the genuine grievances of the public.

Thanking you,
Well-wisher of your company

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This is all about How to write a letter to Transport Company. 

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