Letter to editor of newspaper discussing language problem

Today in this article I will share how to write a Formal Letter to Editor of a newspaper discussing language problems. In this letter, a person is discussing the language problem in India and expressing his views through newspaper.

Formal Letter Writing to editor of newspaper discussing language problem

Formal Letter Writing to editor of newspaper discussing language problem in India

32, Dabbar Lane,

5 Sept, 20…..

The Editor,
The Aftab,

Dear Sir,

I shall feel obliged if you very kindly insert my enclosed article on the Language Problem in India in the esteemed columns of your Daily.

India is a vast country consisting of different people, many languages, etc. As many as 50 different major languages are spoken in India. The language problem is very ticklish. In the absence of a common medium of expression, free intercourse of communication and exchange of ideas between one linguistic group and another becomes difficult. So long as the English ruled India English was the medium of expression and inter-state communication. After independence, a cry was raised that English should be replaced by Hindi immediately.

But the framers of our constitution took a realistic view and decided that English should continue as an associate language with Hindi for official purposes, till 1967.

One of the major problems facing India today is the language problem. It has three aspects :

(i) finding a suitable official language,
(ii) a link language and
(iii) the medium of instruction.

In 1967 when English was to be replaced by Hindi, the national language, there was strong opposition against Hindi in the Southern states. It was argued that Hindi being the language of the people of the North, would give them superiority over the people of the South in competitions and job opportunities too. Therefore, the then Prime Minister of India gave an assurance to the non-Hindi speaking people and states that Hindi would not be forced upon them. English was, therefore, given a further extension as an associate language in the Language Bill of 1967. It gave the states an option to switch over to Hindi as and when they were ready to do so.

Those states which are not prepared to switch over to Hindi insist on communicating with the center and other states in English as laid down in the Language Bill of 1967. Those states which have switched over to Hindi, correspond with non-Hindi states in Hindi but provide a copy of an English translation of the communication to the latter. Of course, different states will continue to use their own regional languages for official work in their own respective states.

The third aspect of the language problem viz., as a medium of instruction, is a tricky one. Since English has been the medium of instruction in all major subjects at the university stage and in Mathematics and Science at the school stage. As the sentiments of the people against English, being the language of the ex-rulers, were very strong, the three-language formula was suggested. It stipulated teaching through the medium of the regional language in some or all subjects at all levels and compulsory knowledge of Hindi and English or some modern Indian language other than the regional language and Hindi.

The problem of the language is ticklish. Unless all the states co-operate and people give wide evidence of the spirit of nationalism. The language problem will remain a recurring nuisance.

Yours Truly,
A public servant.

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