How to check FSU application status? (Complete Guide)

Recently Hurricane Ian made life difficult for Floridians. They have lived with great difficulty after the passing of the hurricane and the authorities of FSU are mindful of it. If your application process got impacted by Hurricane Ian, you can contact them for assistance via phone number 850.644.6200 and through email at [email protected].

They are open for graduate level and postgraduate level applications. Even professional courses are open for their application process and if you have filled out their application form for any of the courses, you can follow up with them on it. They have an online tab to find out the application status for the 2023 summer/fall sessions.

How to check FSU application status?

To check their FSU application status, here is what you must do.

Graduate applicants can click on the Application status tab and so can the law Juris master.

FSU application
  • If you are a graduate applicant you can click on the tab and fill in your login details (username and password). After logging in, you will have to go to the application status site.
  • Check the status and find out more about your application details from the main page.

If you have submitted an offline application, you must call 850.644.6200 or mail them your application reference number for undergraduate courses ([email protected]) and graduate courses ([email protected]).

What are the eligibility criteria for FSU application?

  1. You will need to fulfil the age requirement and also provide the identity card for the individual.
  2. You will also need to submit proof if you have any disability issues to tend to.
  3. Grades required per program will vary so you must fulfill the grade requirements.
  4. High school course units are also a requirement for FSU applicants that they need to suffice.
  5. You will need to give your GED scores and SAT scores.

What are the application requirements for FSU application?

These are the essential FSU requirements that you will need to add with your application.

  1. Online or offline FSU application is the first step.
  2. Student academic records are essential to submit- all self-reported training need to go in.
  3. College Transcripts and Test scores are also essential.
  4. Recommendation letters are a must for those who want to apply for FSU.

How does the FSU application process work?

It will work in the same way as all the different university applications.

The application process includes adding your personal details alongside educational requirements and any professional details. Tag your essay and also other documents and submit your scores. Once done, review your application and submit it online.

You will have to submit your application and then you will have to give 3-4 days or upto a week to help the authorities understand how your scores are and your essay. They will go through the activities and also your resume and then get back to you with your decision. But if you are anxious about your FSU application status check it online or give them a call.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long will the FSU application take?

The FSU application will take 3-4 days to review your essay and also go through your resume.

What is the average GPA for getting into FSU?

You will need somewhere 4.07 GPA on a scale of 4.0 to get into FSU.

How can you increase your chances of getting into FSU?

If you can score more than 1330 SAT or 30 ACT you have a strong chance of getting into FSU. As their acceptance rate is 37% thus having a good SAT score will help you immensely.

What is the application deadline for FSU?

The early action application deadline is 15th October 2022 and the decision release date is 15 December 2022.

The regular decision application deadline is 1st December 2022 and the decision release date is 15 February 2023.

The rolling decision application deadline is 1st March 2023 and the decision release date is early April.


Most students aiming for Floridian University have got into doubt after Florida got ravaged by Hurricane Ian. If you have stopped altogether, give them a quick call at the numbers at the start of the article to understand that they are open again for their next year’s application process. Find out more about the way you can check the status of your application.


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