How to Apply for GameStop credit card application?

What is a GameStop Credit Card?

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card by GameStop Corp is a one-of-a-kind credit card for gamers. GameStop Corp is the first gaming retailer that has launched this card. It also has a GameStop app for smart devices. The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card is a way of extending the retailer’s loyalty program. The GameStop credit card is usable via the website and even via the physical stores of GameStop. 

With this card, frequent gamers find a way to pump up their savings. It offers multiple points on the purchases made by the gamers via the website or physical shops. This credit card is approved for use only by adults and standard credit norms apply to it. Based on the customer’s purchase history, the usual credit limit available is a range of $250 to $3,000.

The two kinds of membership levels available with the GameStop Credit Card are Basic and Pro. Basic membership comes for free and when a customer purchases something with the card, they earn 10 points for speeding each dollar. With these points, they can further obtain gaming gear, discounts, exclusive collectibles, and much more. Pro membership can be availed at $14.99. With the Pro membership, one can obtain double points on purchases made, avail discounts on specific merchandise, exclusive offers, and also enjoy a subscription to a monthly magazine.

Notable Credit Card FeaturesGameStop Credit Card
Annual Fees$0
Purchase APR26.99%
Balance Transfer APRNot allowed
Minimum credit limitcreditworthiness comes into play
Foreign transaction fee$0

How to apply for a GameStop credit card application?

To apply for the credit card, follow the below steps:

Visit the link mentioned here to start the application process.

  • Add your mobile number, SSN and ZIP code.
GameStop Credit Card
  • Read the terms mentioned in this segment and then click the Continue tab to move to the next page.
GameStop Credit Card login
  • You will be sent a code to your telephone number that you need to enter in the given space.
GameStop Credit Card contact

If you do not have your details, you can also proceed to apply without pre-filling the information. You are asked to add your name, address, email and phone number alongwith annual income and end four digits of SSN.

requirement Gamestop
  • Fill in your professional details in the next segment.
Authorized buyer Gamestop
  • Before submitting, review the details and then click on the Submit review tab.
Apply here for credit card

What are the application requirements?

If you are considering applying for their credit card, then here are the application requirements:

  • A credit score of 640 is required.
  • Applicants have to be adults.
  • They must have a physical address in the US.
  • Must have a Social Security Number.
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Valid government-approved photo ID.

Who is Eligible?

All their customers and GameStop PowerUp Rewards members are eligible for the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card even if they have a low credit score. In case of a low credit score, their application will be approved with a lower credit limit. Customers can buy products with their credit card and pay up the balances on time to improve their credit scores eventually.

Where can you use a GameStop Credit Card?

Customers can use the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card only in their physical and online stores. However, cash advances are only available on those cards that have been issued either as Visa or Mastercards.

Pros & Cons

Following are the pros of the GameStop Credit Card:

  • The card can be used online as well as offline.
  • Does not have an annual fee.
  • Frequent gamers can benefit from the multiple points upon making purchases.
  • Most applicants get quick approval easily, even those with a lower credit score.
  • The credit limit is available in the range of $250 to $3,000.

Following are the cons of the Credit Card:

  • Has a high-interest rate of 26.99%.
  • This card is only accepted at GameStop stores which could be a limitation for some active gamers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What bank issues GameStop Credit Card?

Comenity Bank issues the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. GameStop Corp is the first gaming retailer that has launched this unique credit card for gamers.

Does GameStop Credit Card have an app?

Yes, there is a GameStop app. It can be installed on your smart device. This allows you to shop on anywhere and anytime. You can pick up any store for the purpose of shopping and have the items purchased shipped to your address. With this card’s app, you can also track trade credit or cash value easily. From the Reward Center of this app, you could also review your PowerUp Rewards point balance, learn about active offers, and also redeem points.


This is all about the GameStop application and if you want to apply, you can go through the essential information mentioned in this article for more.


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