GameStop credit card Login and Pay Bill Payment

GameStop, an omnichannel retailer of video games, gaming consoles, gaming accessories, and various other entertainment products has introduced a unique credit card for gamers called GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. GameStop Corp is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas. Its business is spread across 10 countries with more than 5,000 retail stores. Gaming enthusiasts love GameStop because it allows them to trade in video games which is quite an exclusive offering by GameStop.

The credit card is a way of extending the loyalty program of GameStop Corp for its customers. One way or the other, GameStop customers can make use of the credit card either online or at brick-and-mortar stores. Customers can either go for a basic membership or pro membership based on their eligibility and requirements.

Essential FeaturesGameStop Credit Card
Late Payment Fee$41
Returned Payment FeeUpto $41
Interest & Purchase APR26.99% p.a.
Cash Advance FeeN/A
Grace Period25 days
Balance Transfer APRNot allowed

How to do GameStop Credit Card Rewards Login?

You can log in to your GameStop account to access your credit card rewards by visiting and signing in with your username and password. Your username would be the email id you used while creating your GameStop account.

How to pay GameStop Credit Card Bill Payment?

You can pay the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card bill in the following ways:

  1. Pay the credit card bill online:

Below are the steps to make the payment for the credit card bill online.

  • First and foremost, you must register for the online account.
  • To do this, visit the website, and then go to the online account registration page.
  • Here you must enter your credit card account number, postal code, and Social Security Number.
  • After this, you can hit the “Find My Account” option.
  • Next, do as per the on-screen prompts to complete the registration process.
  • Once you have completed the process of registration, you can go to the GameStop account login page.
  • You will have to enter your username and password to sign in.
  • Then, you can follow the instructions to pay your credit card bill online.
  1. Pay the credit card bill via phone:

To pay your credit card bill via your phone, you can use the following steps.

  • You need to call the automated assistance number at 855-497-8168 and then enter your credit card number, and SSN, and finally press the pound or hash sign.
  • Next, you can follow the calling instructions to complete the steps of bill payment.
  • In case you face some difficulties, or don’t have your SSN, you can then get in touch with a GameStop credit card representative for further assistance.
  1. Pay the credit card bill via mail:

If you want to make your credit card bill payment via a check, then you can send it to the mailing address.

  • You can separate the payment coupon from the billing statement and send it along with a check or money order at the below address. Alternatively, you can also mention the GameStop credit card account number on your check or money order to ensure that the payment is credited appropriately if you don’t have a copy of your billing statement with you.

Payment mailing address & phone number

You can call the automated payment service number to pay your GameStop Credit Card bill. The automated system can be accessed by dialing 855-497-8168.

Alternatively, you can also pay the credit card bill by mailing a check to the mailing address:

Comenity Capital Bank,
P.O. Cox 659820
San Antonio, Texas 78265

Can you pay GameStop Credit Card in the store

No, you cannot pay the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card bill at the stores. You can either pay the credit card payment online, via phone, mail or through EasyPay.

How to cancel GameStop Rewards Credit Card?

In order to cancel your GameStop Rewards Credit Card, you can cancel your account by calling the customer care number at 1-855-497-8168 or 1-888-819-1918. Alternatively, you can also send a message via the Secure Message Centre.

Customer Service Number

The toll-free customer care center number is 855-497-8168. You can also visit the website of GameStop to get further assistance.


Here’s all about the GameStop credit card login along with its payment process. Read to know more of this important information about credit card.


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