How to Get Target credit card pre approval & qualify for it?

The Target supermarket stores offer three kinds of cards- the Target credit card, the Target debit card and the MasterCard.

The Target credit cards and the debit card are closed-loop cards whereas the MasterCard is an open-loop card. It means that there is a restriction in the way the Target credit and debit card is used within the Target physical and online stores. But, on the other hand, the MasterCard can be used anywhere else wherever a MasterCard works.

The Target credit card approval process takes a bit of time, almost 7-10 days.

How to get Target credit card pre approval?

There is no Target credit card pre-approval process. The card is difficult to obtain since the user must have a fair credit score to procure the credit card.

There is, however, a way in which the receipt obtained from the store can also be used as a card until the credit card is received.

Target credit card how to get approved?

The Target credit card can be instantly approved, and if further verification is required, it might extend up to ten business days to get approval.

You will need to go through three types of verification.

  • Credit score verification
  • Document verification
  • Personal information verification

If your credit scores are above 640, you might expect approval within the same day. Otherwise, verification might take a few days.

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Do I qualify for a credit card?

If you want to get the Target credit card, you must prove your eligibility in the criteria given below.

  1. If you are 18 years and above, you can qualify for a Target card.
  2. The minimum credit score required is 640.
  3. Users must be with Target and must be citizens of the United States.
  4. Individuals who want to have the credit card must have a checking account with a US bank.
  5. Citizens must have a valid SSN.

If you fit into all these eligibility requirements, you can surely take up the Target credit card.


Since there is no pre-approval process, hence, you can straightaway apply and take up the Target credit cards.

Can you pre-qualify for a target credit card?

There is no way to pre-qualify for a credit card. It merely requires a fair credit score.

Is it easy to get approved for a target credit card?

Your credit scores might cause a real issue when it comes to getting approval for a Target credit card. A hard pull at your credit score might raise issues thus; it is not always easy to get a Target credit card.

What credit score is needed to be approved for a target credit card?

As stated, 640 or more is required to get approved for the Target credit card.


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