How to apply for GM credit card application?


The GM credit card application is bringing better reward options for the customers who can earn more from them now. Anyone who leases or buys a Buicks, Cadillac, or other GM cars and automakers will get more points and rewards from them. The credit card is brought forth by Goldman Sachs. The credit card offers 7 points for every dollar spent at GM and 4 points for every dollar that you will spend anywhere else.

But, you will need to apply for the GM rewards credit card. To make an application, you must fulfill some basic requirements and eligibility criteria. In this article, you will find answers to all your questions about the new GM credit card.

How to apply for GM credit card application?

To apply for the GM credit card application, you need to press the Apply tab in the given link.

GM rewards credit card
  • You will receive a pop-up whereby you will be intimated of being redirected to the Goldman Sachs Bank.
GM credit card
  • Once you are redirected, you will be asked a set of information. It will include the following;
  • Personal information
  • Address details
  • Income-related information
  • Job related details

Add them up and move ahead with your application by pressing the Submit tab.

What are application requirements?

The application requirements for the GM credit card include the following;

  1. You must be 18 years or older to be able to get this credit card.
  2. As an applicant, your address must not be a P.O box address but a complete one.
  3. You must have a social identity number.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility requirements for the GM credit card include;

  • You must have a proper source of income that you can show.
  • A person applying for a credit card must also have a job. You must enter those details in the application form.

How to use GM credit card points?

You can do a lot of stuff with the GM credit card points. An applicant can easily rise through the three tiers of membership by using the credit card to their benefit. The credit card points can be used for;

  1. New GM vehicle purchase or for giving it up on lease.
  2. All GM-certified pre-owned vehicles can consume these points.
  3. For purchasing certified services, accessories, and different parts.
  4. It can be used for taking the GM Protection plan and the GM Financial plan.
  5. For spending your points for the GM Rewards
  6. You can make purchases from anywhere with a credit card.
  7. Redeem $250 as statement credits every year through your earnings.



There are three tiers of the credit card and each tier unveils its benefit.

Unlock New YearsSilverGoldPlatinum
Eligibility to earn GM Vehicle Purchase or LeaseUp to $1000Up to $1500Goes up to $2000
Expiration of pointsAfter the credit card is inactive for five yearsThey will never expireDo not expire at all
Combined yearly spend limit$0-$1499$1500-$2499$2500+
Total amount you can spend on new GM vehicle$0-$44,999$45,000-$109,999$110,000+
At $1 spent ($0.01- 1 point)Nil4 points4 points
GM Exclusive OffersPresent in itPresentExists
Dedicated call center supportNilNilYes
Annual feeNoNoNo


  1. After the initial few days, you will have to give away a high APR for maintaining the credit cards.
  2. Earning redemption are restricted to only a few brands of cars.

Is GM credit card good?

It’s quite a good one for those who never forget clearing their bills on time as the credit card has a high APR.

Where can I use GM Credit Card?

You can use the GM credit card everywhere and can earn rewards in some amount from every other place.


If you like the credit card or you are constantly into buying cars; you must read all about the credit card from this article.


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