Goodyear Credit Card Login & Pay Bill Payment Online [2022]

Goodyear credit card is a rewarding credit card if you have regular transactions at Goodyear centers. You can even use these credit cards at Exxon, Mobil, and ExxonMobil gas stations. Many people have already started using this credit card and have questions related to its bill payments. So without any delay, let us know the process and method to pay your credit card bills.

How to do Goodyear credit card login?

If you buy any credit card, you get various services and rewards for using that card. In order to use all the services and keep track of your card, you have to log in to the website using your account. Here are a couple of steps that you have to follow to complete your login process.

Step 1: Visit the official site by searching on your browser, click here to open the Goodyear login page.

Step 2: Enter your credentials, like your username and password.

Goodyear Credit Card Login

Step 3: You can reset your password and User ID by clicking on the respective options. Make sure you have already registered for the card.

How to pay your Goodyear credit card bills?

Paying your credit card bill is a very easy process. There are various ways through which you can pay your credit card bills, here we will mention the methods that do not need any third-party involvement and are highly secure. All the below methods are recommended by Goodyear and Citibank, so they are safe and easy.

  1. Online method: You can visit the site and pay online. All you need to do is Log-in using your account, go to the payments section and make your payment. The log-in process is mentioned above.
  2. Paying credit bills by using your phone: You can call their customer service number and pay your bill. Once you contact them, they will guide you stepwise until the transaction is completed.
  3. By sending a mail: You can send your bill payment to their mailing address. You can find the mailing address and phone number in the FAQ section of this article.
  4. Physically, by visiting the store or bank: You can visit the nearest Goodyear store or stores that are in a partnership with Goodyear like Exxon and Mobil, and make your bill payments.

How to cancel Goodyear’s credit card?

Canceling any credit card can lead to losing many rewards and money-saving opportunities. We do not recommend you to cancel any credit card as in the long term you can save more by using credit cards. 

However, if you want to cancel the Goodyear card, then you have to call their customer service number. They will ask you a few questions and details regarding your card and then guide you to cancel the credit card. You can find the customer care number in the upcoming points of the article.

What are Interest rates & Late Fees for a Goodyear credit card?

The interest fees for the Goodyear credit card can be easily negotiated if you buy anything above $250. There are no annual fees, but you have to pay late fees as high as $40. The APR is between 13% to 27%. So these were the rates and maintenance for using a Goodyear card. 

Customer service Number

If you have any doubt, you can visit the contact us page of the Goodyear credit card. You can chat with them or email them, you can also call the service center number on (800) 667 – 8138.


What is the Goodyear credit card payment phone number?

If you want to pay your bill, or you have to keep track of your tire finance, or you have to check your account details, then you call Goodyear on  (800) 767‐0291. All your queries will be solved on the call.

What is the Goodyear credit card payment address?

If you want to pay your bills with the credit card, then one of the most secure ways is sending mail. Mail is the oldest way that takes a little time until the process is completed, but it is the safest way. The mailing address is Goodyear Credit Card Overnight Delivery/Express Payments, Attn: Consumer Payment Dept. Louisville, KY 40213.


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