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What is Grand Canyon Bison hunt application?

The Grand Canyon Bison hunt application is open to all those eligible hunters who can help eliminate the bison from those areas where their growing population is causing damage to the surrounding human population.

Grand Canyon bison hunt application national park

How to apply for Grand Canyon Bison hunt application?

Grand Canyon Bison hunt application is open from 27th April. In the first round, 25 applicants would be selected and out of them only 12 would be chosen to complete the work.

Each would be given a one-week period to eliminate as many as they can. It is a process which is supposed to be working till 29th October until further announcements are made.

Their goal is to reduce the bison by 200 buffalo in Grand Canyon and the mass elimination is being ordered to ensure the area is not infested and damaged with the growing bison population.

How to apply for Grand Canyon buffalo hunt application?

To apply for the Grand Canyon bison hunt application, you will need to visit the following link between 3rd May midnight to 11:59 pm MST on 4th May.

How to sign up Grand Canyon bison hunt?

Initially there are some requirements you would need to fulfill when applying for the role. If you fulfill all the requirements, check the terms and condition box.

You also need to agree if you are a National Park service employee or not and if you are an Arizona game and fish employee or not since such people are not eligible to apply.

Even SKV skilled volunteers cannot participate in it.

Click on next tab and begin the application process by entering the,

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Street
  • City
  • Zip code
  • Phone
  • Email ID
  • Territory or region
  • ID number of any state issued ID.

After that click on the register tab and then create your account with the site.

Proceed further by filling up the necessary details.

Bison hunt Grand Canyon national park.

Once you have filled in the bison hunt application, you would have to wait for some time and then if you are selected you would have to complete the process.

In addition to killing those animals some would also be dispersed to the Native American populations to reduce their concentration in a certain zone. Already 88 bison have been transported to 69 tribes in 19 states across the United States.

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