How to Apply for Halifax Clarity credit card application [Reviews]

The Halifax Clarity credit card is one of the best in the lot for travelers. There is no need to carry multiple credit cards with you when traveling and you can just have one rate for all the purchases you make. The best part of having the Halifax card is that there is no foreign transaction fee to pay for it.

It keeps a tab on all your expenditures and purchases and allows you to purchase and transact in local currencies. Before you apply for the Halifax credit card, you can check your eligibility at their website.

But before you set on applying for the Halifax Clarity credit card, wouldn’t it be wise to know about a few applicable charges and fees?

Notable Credit Card FeaturesHalifax Clarity credit card
Annual FeesNil
Purchase APR19.9%
Balance Transfer APRNone
Minimum credit limit£0 and depends on your creditworthiness
Foreign transaction feeNil

How to apply for Halifax clarity credit card?

To apply for the Halifax Clarity credit card, you must follow the process mentioned below.

Step 1: Click to check your eligibility by clicking on the link mentioned here.

Halifax credit card

Step 2: In the next screen add your United Kingdom phone number, email address, and your current postal code.

Step 3: After completing the next set of information around payments and annual income, go ahead and ensure that what you have entered is right.

Press on the check your eligibility tab to find out if you qualify for the credit card and you will find the credit limit set for you.

Step 4: After passing the eligibility, choose the credit card, you want to apply for. After choosing it, add the information you are asked to add through the prompts.

Submit the application by pressing the Apply tab and if you qualify for the credit card, you will be receiving the credit card within 7-10 days from acceptance.

Credit card Requirements

An applicant for the Halifax card must follow the following criteria.

  1. One must be 18 years old and a resident of the United Kingdom having a regular annual income of their own.
  2. As an applicant, you must not be part of the County Court Judgments and must not be a student or unemployed.
  3. The person shouldn’t have been declined the credit card in the last 30 days from Halifax.

Halifax clarity credit card REVIEWS

Halifax has received good reviews and many people have certified it as the best travel card ever. A few qualities of the credit card stand out in terms of popularity and based on the scores; we will see here how well people have accepted them.

Halifax clarity features
Halifax clarity popularity

Pros & Cons

There are different pros and cons of this credit card.


  1. You can use it abroad anywhere.
  2. Payment of low cash APR.
  3. You pay no fees for cash withdrawals.
  4. No financial transaction will need to pay any fee


  1. There is no grace period for the cash withdrawal.
  2. The credit card does not have a 0% balance transfer promotional period.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Halifax credit card free to use abroad?

Halifax credit card will not charge you for using the credit card abroad. Go ahead with the credit card, as it has no foreign transaction fee on its use anywhere other than your country.

Does Halifax credit card have an app?

Yes, Halifax credit card has an app for your mobile banking services.

Who owns Halifax credit card?

The Halifax credit card is owned by the Bank of Scotland Plc.

How long does it take for Halifax credit card to arrive?

Post-approval, it just takes seven working days for the Halifax credit card to arrive.


The credit card is one of the best for travelers and with no foreign transaction fee on the credit card, you can have a gala time with it. If you are in favor of traveling with the Halifax card, go ahead and read this entire article for applying for it with better insight.


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