How to Apply for Hollister Credit Card Application Complete Guide?


They are a teen brand that sells clothes both online and offline and provides the Hollister credit card for better shopping experience. Clothes and accessories are easily available and one has a huge variety of apparel to choose from. The Hollister stores are scattered all across the United States and Canada. Each of your purchases can bring a large number of benefits alongside and for that you need to take their merchandise credit cards. They also provide gift coupons and gift cards that benefit many shoppers.

If you want to have a Hollister credit card that helps you with rewards, you will need to apply for it through this website.

Hollister offers in-store merchandise credit cards which means you cannot use them anywhere else except within their stores and online facilities.

Merchandise credit cards are different from gift cards and they are non-transferable.

How to apply for Hollister credit card Application?

Applying for the Hollister credit card application, you need to do not much but follow these steps.

1: Visit the Hollister credit card application website and complete the login process entering your username and password.

2: From the Homepage, move to the Gift cards present in the menu indicated in the lower part of the website.

3: If you are an existing member, you can see the remaining gift cards and by pressing the Show me the Money option, you can check on the store credit cards. To apply, click on them, fill out the form and submit the application form.

Step 4: Add the amount you wish to load in the credit cards and also include the sender and receiver information. Add the card design, and personal messages if any of you are sending the credit card to someone.

Even closed-loop credit cards can be purchased from the Hollister credit card which acts as a debit card and has an already filled amount in them.

What are application Requirements?

The application requirements are not many for purchasing the Hollister credit card. It includes;

  1. One needs to have an SSN (social security number).
  2. They must submit information about their income when seeking a credit card.
  3. You also need to provide an ID card as a photo identity card.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible applicants must be;

  1. They must be 18 years and above and must meet the age requirements appropriately.
  2. They must have a valid US address.

Annual Fees & Credit Limit?

Since it is a store credit card, you will be able to enjoy it without an annual fee. The credit cards do not have an annual fee and the credit limit depends on how creditworthy the person is, at the time of credit card issuance.

The credit limit is also depending on the credit history of the individual, the debt amounts due in your name, and also your income stature.

Pros & Cons?


  1. The credit card opens up discounts and rebates when shopping from Hollinger.
  2. You can always sneak out an amount from the credit card and that way shopping can become easier.
  3. With the credit card, you will also get birthday discounts and also other rewards when using the credit card services online.


  1. You cannot use a credit card anywhere.
  2. The owner of the credit cards cannot do a lot of shopping with the credit cards.

Who issues Hollister credit card?

Hollister’s credit card is going to be issued by the Bank of America. The original credit card from Hollister is yet to hit the market.

Can you use a Hollister merchandise credit card online?

Yes, a Hollister merchandise credit card can be used online. It can also be done offline and in stores.


Here’s a bit about the Hollister merchandise credit cards. If you are one to go for these credit cards, you must read about them from here. The Hollister credit card is an in-store credit card and offers a lot more than what you can avail of at the shop without the credit card.


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