How to apply for the HEERF grant application 2021? Check Amount per student

How to apply for the HEERF grant application 2021?

So, if you’re wondering how to apply for the HEERF grant application, you can follow the link here.

To apply for the HEERF grant 2021, ideally, you have to visit the U.S Department of Education’s CARES Act.

Refer to the complete eligibility criteria in this link. However, the basic criteria for filing the HEERF student grant application includes the following,

  • – The applicant has to be a permanent or conditional permanent resident of the US.
  • – The candidate (undergraduate, graduate, and medical) is enrolled in the program for which they are seeking assistance.

The money granted by the fund can be used to cover the cost of attendance of students, tuition, food, healthcare, hygiene, childcare, and housing (including the student’s mental health).

There are three tiers in which the HEERF emergency grant application is given.

  1. TIER 1
  2. TIER 2
  3. TIER 3

Usually, the general norm includes the creation of a personal application portal on the site. 

For filling up the application form, apart from the student’s details and the course details, you will also have to select one of the three options which are; 

  • Application for the total award into the student account, 
  • For a portion of the award and can also 
  • send the total award via e-check using the student account refund direct deposit scheme.

HEERF funds are made available through the Coronavirus Response & Relief Supplemental Appropriations (CRRSA) act.

How to apply for the HEERF grant application 2021

Steps To fill the application For HEERF Grant

Step 1- Go to

Step 2- From the top right corner search box, search for the funding opportunity number that corresponds to the grant for which you’re applying.

Step 3- Click on “Go.” Check for the correct funding number.

Step 4- The “Search Grants,” page has the grant or the funding opportunity number.

Step 5- Confirm if it corresponds to your HEERF emergency grant application.

Step 6- Click on Apply which will take you to the sign-in page where you can log in by filling in your login details or you can register newly on the site.

Step 7- Check for the form filling instructions from here.

Step 8- While filling up the form, you’re supposed to enter your institution’s OPEID.

Step 9- Complete the SF-424 on

Step 10- Download the Certification & Agreement and then further upload it back before submitting the application.

 What is the Cares Act HEERF grant application?

The Cares Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund helps institutions provide aid to the students enrolled in their organization under different programs. It is primarily aimed at improving the lives of those students whose life is disrupted in some way or the other due to the upcoming financial challenges. 

Know More about Cares Act Grant Application.

How much is the HEERF grant amount per student?

The HEERF grant 2021 might amount to anything between $250 to a maximum of $2000 flat per student.

HEERF grant payment schedule?

HEERF emergency grant application payments are given weekly and disbursed fully either via paper checks sent to the student’s mailing address or through direct deposits in their bank accounts.


How to apply for an emergency grant?

HEERF grant will be given to every other student who is deemed eligible for it. To apply for a HEERF II grant application you must fill the form and submit it either via email or online.

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