Informal Letter to friend telling him how you done your papers

How to write informal letter to friend

Writing a letter to your friend and telling him how you have done your exams is not working anymore in this Tech world now.

These types of letters are only asked in exams and no one is doing this in the practical world. So here I am sharing a letter to your friend to tell about exams.

In the below letter sample, A friend is writing a letter to her other friend for telling him how she has done her papers. To know more about this letter to friend, you have to read this letter.

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How to write letter to your friend telling him how you have done your papers

How to write informal letter to friend

25-D, Sector, 9,

12th Jan 2021

Dearest ………..,

I was glad to receive your letter the other day. As I have nothing particular to write to you, I am sending you an account of my last examination.

Our annual examination came off in the first week of April. You know my temperament well. I am not a bookworm. So when the notice for the annual examination was given I thought it was high time that I should pay a little more attention to my books than I had hitherto done.

Accordingly, I at once became a good girl and began to study in right earnest. You will be surprised to learn that I devoted as much as six hours a day to my studies daily.

Though ordinarily of a happy-go-lucky nature I am perfectly serious when I mean to do a thing. As a result, I succeeded in finishing my course by the time our examinations were due to begin and, the wonder of wonders, I was also confident of coming out successful. But my confidence and hopes received a setback when the examination actually began.

The English and Economics papers were unusually stiff. Nevertheless, I managed to write enough to scrape together pass marks in these subjects. In other subjects, I did fairly well and I expect to get through after all.

How are you and your younger brothers and sister? I would be glad to hear from you now and then. When can I expect you to visit us?

With kindest regards and love.

Yours affectionately,

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So, learners, I think you read thoroughly the above letter. If you have any queries feel free to comment below.

Thank You

Why exams are important?

Every student gives exams. In fact, the examination is the test of a student’s ability or student’s knowledge. Without exams or tests, one cannot be able to judge the ability of a student. So, it is necessary to take exams. The success or failure in exams tells about the ability of a student. It is a common method to check one’s ability.


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