How to write letter ⁄ Letter writing ⁄ Letter Format with Sample Letters

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How to write letter ⁄ Letter writing ⁄ Letter Format with Sample Letters

So, let’s start with Introduction.

Letter-writing is an art. It plays an important part in maintaining our intercourse with friends and relatives as also in establishing commercial and other kinds of relations with persons who are strangers to us.

We all write letters to our relatives, friends, acquaintances, officers, strangers etc. Naturally our style and manner of writing letters changes from person to person. It is customary to divide letters into some classes. The personal letters are the letters that passes between friends and relations. With our intimate friends we are often chatty, humorous and full of delightful. The tone is more or less conversational.

We write official letters to the Government officers  and public bodies. Letters of complaints come in this class. These also include letters to the press.

We write business letters on business matters. It is also known as commercial letters. It is comparatively formal.

There are rules which apply all kinds of letters. In all, the writer begins with his address, showing where he is, when writing the letter. In addition, he gives the date of writing. After this he addresses the person to whom the letter is written. He uses either that person’s name or some title or designation which is his. After that comes the body of the letter embodying the message. Finally, the letter is concluded by a certain formal wording, suitable for the particular types and signed by the name of the writer.

The following few points should always be kept in View before writing letters.

  • Your letter should be conversational.
  • Write in a formal tone to the strangers.
  • Informal and official letters write clearly and briefly.
  • Be polite and courteous and do not give offence to the person addressed.
  • Business letters should be very carefully worded and cleared.
  • As in other forms of written composition bad spellings and faulty punctuation should be avoided.
  • Never write a letter in a careless hand.


Classes of Letters

Letters are mainly classified into four parts

  • Private Letters:- We write Private letters to friends, relatives, teacher and pupils. They include letters of request, recommendation, Condolence, congratulation, etc. In fact, these letters cover a very wide range right from serious domestic problem to most non serious affairs of life. The tone of a personal letter is that of heart to heart talk.


  • Business Letters:-These letters are written on business both public and private. We write business letters to order goods, to acknowledge the receipt of articles, to seek information, etc. They must be brief, clear, definite and to the point. In business letters one need not stick to set words and phrases.


  • Official Letters:-These are written to and by government official or officers of public bodies. Letters of complaints to officers, information form or to them, applications for posts and other similar letters come under this head.


  • Public Letters:-These are generally those letters that do not come under the above three classes. Invitation, applications, petitions, etc., may be classed under this head.


Format of Letter

A letter has Six parts:


1. The Address of the sender and Date:-

It is written at the left hand top corner of the page with the date below it; as

22, Science College, Hostel,


July 12, 20…..

In this part of the letter two things are to be carefully noted:

(i) The place of commas and full stops.

(ii) The three ways of writing the date are August 4, 2016; 4 August, 2016 or the 4th August 2016. To write the date in any other form is wrong.


2. The Salutation:- 

The salutation of the form of address depends upon the degree of intimacy between the writer and the addressee; as My dear Sister, My dear Sohan, Dear Father, Dear Sir, etc.


(1) The first and second words of the salutation begin with capital letters, if there are three words the second should not begin with a capital letter.

(ii) Do not write ‘My dear Madan Lal Kapoor’s write simply – My dear Madan Lal, or My dear Kapoor.


3. The body of the letter:-

This is the main part of the letter. We write it in a simple and direct style. The body of the letter consists of opening, remarks, the subject matter and the conclusion. In the personal letter, the personality of the writer should find expression. It should have warmth of feeling. The official and business letters are formal.


4. The closing Paragraph:-

A personal letter may close with such complimentary expressions; as,

with love, I am.

With the best wishes or regards, I am,

To strangers we may close; as,

I am,

Yours truly,

Ganesh Dass.

Note: Your signature must be below the leave taking phrase.


5. The subscription:-

This is the leave taking phrase with which you end letter. This again depends upon the degree of relationship or intimacy between the writer and the addressee; as,

Yours affectionately, Yours sincerely, Yours truly etc.

Note: Don’t write Your’s. Always write Yours.


6. Name or Address of the person to whom the letter is written:-

At the end left had corner of the page after the letter has been written, the name and address of the addressee must be Written; as

Mr. R .J. Kaul,

11, Kalika Road,

New Delhi.


Here, I am going to share More than 150+ Sample of Informal Letters, Formal Letters, Business Letters.


Informal Sample Letters

1.  letter of apology to friend for failing to keep an engagement.

2.  Letter to friend telling him how you done your papers.

3.  Letter to father telling him about new friend.

4.  Letter to friend asking him why he rejected your offer to go on a trip.

5.  Letter to teacher thanking him for help in studies.

6.  Letter of apology to friend with whom you have quarrelled.

7.  Letter to friend describing a street quarrel.

8.  Letter to friend inviting him to your sister wedding.

9.  Letter to Uncle thanking him for the Birthday Present.

10  Letter to Friend on his Birthday Expressing Wishes.

11.  letter to father requesting him to increase your pocket money.

12.  Letter of sympathy to friend for condoling him on the death of his mother.

13.  letter to friend for congratulating him on his success.

14.  letter to mother describing how you escaped the accident.

15.  letter of congratulation to friend on his winning scholarship.

16.  letter to friend for inviting him to attend a picnic party.

17.  letter writing to friend asking for a loan of money.

18.  letter to father for asking his advice on the choice of an occupation.

19. letter of sympathy to a friend who has failed in the HS examination.

20.  letter to younger brother who is neglecting his studies.


Formal Sample Letters

1.  letter to secretary of sports authority for sports scholarship.

2.  Letter to Superintendent of Railway asking for concession in rates.

3.  Letter to Principal Suggesting for Improvements in Library.

4.  Letter to the health officer requesting him to set up Dispensary.

5.  Letter to Inspector of Police telling about theft took place in your House.

6. letter to Editor of Newspaper complaining nuisance of loud-speaker.

7.  Letter to General Manager RTC complaining against bus conductor.

8.  Letter to Manager of Hostel requesting for accommodation.

9.  Letter to Manager of cinema hall about Pictures booked by Him.

10.  letter to Railway Company About Lost Parcel With Full Details.

11.  Letter to Principal of college where you studied last year.

12.  Letter to medical officer complain insanitary conditions of street.

13.  letter to editor of newspaper complain breakdown in power supply.

14.  Letter to Post Master complaining against the Postman.

15.  letter to Police Commissioner about Unauthorised Construction.

16.  Letter to Postmaster stating him that Money order has not reached.

17.  Letter to postmaster of town for change of address.

18.  Letter to Superintendent of Police complaining poor night patrolling.

19.  Letter to Transport Corporation for complaining against conductor.

20.  Letter to DC of your district to open a dispensary.

So, Learners, this is all about “How to write letter ⁄ Letter writing ⁄ Letter Format with Sample Letters”. Hope you Learned something.

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