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Illinois FOID card application is required for firearm possession in the state of Illinois. To possess a firearm, Taser, Stun gun, or even firearm ammunition requires the individual to have FOID approval. FOID expires every 10 years. The military FOID card is issued to military officials for 10 years for free.

The State of Texas and Tennessee also have the same laws for carrying firearms and you would need a card issued by their state for keeping firearms as civilian or military personnel.

Illinois FOID card application Apply

Illionis FOID card Application Requirements

For the FOID card, you must fulfill the following criteria.

  • You must be 21 years or older, if you are underage, your guardian or parent’s consent is important.
  • You must be a resident of Illinois.
  • You should not have charges of felony and addiction against you.
  • In your previous five-year span, you have not been convicted of using a firearm in any crime.
  • An illegal alien of any sort and has been dishonorably discharged from the US military under any circumstance.
  • No domestic violence conviction or protection orders, no charges of conviction for assault or a fugitive at any time.
  • The candidate has never given up US citizenship and has never been intellectually disabled.

 How to apply for an Illinois FOID card application?

To file for the Illinois FOID card, you will have to be eligible as per the above requirements.

Eligible candidates can apply online for a FOID card.

An application fee of $10 and a service fee of 2.35% of a credit card transaction or $1 for an electronic check are to be submitted by the candidate.

– Your demographic details.

– A State issued ID card

– You need a color passport size photograph of your face.

– Go to the Illinois State Police website, click on the Firearm section under the Agency link.

– Press on Firearm’s owner identification program.

– From here you will move to a page that says FOID card and then begin the application process.

– Register by creating a user ID and password.

– Complete the application and then upload the photo appropriately.

Additionally, you can also apply through your phone by calling up the state police department at 217-782-7980. Pay your fee over the phone and then give partial information to begin the application process.

The Police Department would mail you the incomplete application form which you have to download and then you must paste your photograph on it. Additionally, don’t forget to sign it and then mail them back the completed application form.

How long does it take for the Illinois Foid card to be approved?

Illinois FOID cards are taking an average of 70 days to get approved by the department.

How to renew my Foid card?

After logging in one must select Renew FOID card tab. Follow the instructions and fill in the details which include your previous FOID card details as well.

Foid card application 2021 PDF

Click on the link to take a print-out of the FOID application form 2020 or 2021 pdf and then customize it, then e-sign it and further send out a signed FOID card application to the Illinois state police department.

Foid card application number

Once you fill in the online FOID application a FOID card application number 2021 is to be generated and this number helps you check the status of your application until you have been assigned the FOID card.

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