Informal Letter of apology to friend with whom you have quarrelled

We often get quarreled with our friend due to some small reason. But due to in high temper we unable to control ourselves and start speaking anything which we get in mind during that time without thinking about it. At last, we feel sorry for what we said to our closest friend.

In this “letter of apology to a friend”, a friend is apologizing for what he said at a theatre due to getting irritated from a friend who came late to the theatre without knowing the reason behind it. Actually, he is feeling guilty now for what he said to him.

Informal letter of apology to friend with whom you have quarreled.

Informal Letter of apology to friend

House No. 33,

Sector 17-B


1st September 2016

Dear Brijesh,

I am very sorry for what happened yesterday evening at the theatre. It was really very foolish of me to have spoken harsh words to you in a fit of temper. Of course, you were late for the cultural show but I should have been practical enough to realise the difficulties of a proper conveyance these days and I should not have become irritated.

I deeply appreciate your calm and cool temper at that time as you tried to turn my wrath away by a smile. But unfortunately I was irritated still further and showered a volley of abuses on you, for which I now feel ashamed. In fact, I do not know what your present feelings are about me. I lost my temper and abused you.

I badly repent for my rude behaviour and I apologise for my mean behaviour and request you to forgive me. Moreover, I hope you will not fail to make me grateful by accepting my humble apologies. Please write to me a line in reply to this indicating your forgiveness.

Yours very sincerely,


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