Informal letter of apology to friend for failing to keep an engagement

We generally meet our dear and near ones like relatives, friends, etc. Before meeting, we make an appointment with them. Sometimes we get fail to keep our appointment due to some reason. So don’t worry about it. If you want to apologize for failing to keep an appointment with them, then read this letter for an apology.

In this letter, a friend is apologizing for failing to keep his promise for the meeting. He is describing why he fails to keep his promise.

Letter to your friend for Apology

Informal letter of apology to friend (1)

H.No. 234, Sector 2


16th April 2016

My dear ………,

I am really very sorry that I should have missed my appointment with you yesterday at the Uttam Theatre. You are certainly aware that I am not one to break engagements for any paltry reason. You will, therefore, believe me when I say that quite an unavoidable circumstance detained me beyond the time fixed.

I had dressed to go out and was on the point of leaving home when my elder brother who was due to come from Delhi arrived. To leave the house at that moment would not only have offended my brother’s feelings but would have also implied a want of decorum on my part. So I was obliged to stay back.

It was about 6.30 P.M. when my brother left to meet some of his friends that I was free. But as time appointed for our meeting was 5 o’clock, I did not think it worth-while to start so late for I was sure that I would not find you. So I was obliged to stay back. I am sure you will excuse me for my failure to keep my word.

If nothing untoward happens, I hope to see you day after tomorrow without fail at the same place and at the same time.

With kind regards.

Yours affectionately,

MK. Singh

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Above all, you read about “How to write apology letter of to a friend”.

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