Informal letter of congratulation to friend on his winning scholarship

It is a letter to a friend congratulating him on winning scholarship. In this letter, a friend is congratulating his friend for winning a merit scholarship after hearing the news of his winning.

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How to Write letter to friend on winning scholarship

how to write Informal letter to friend

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Feb. 10, 2016

My dear Brijesh,

It was with a sense of joy and intense happiness that I heard the news of your winning a merit scholarship. I came to know of this happy news only this morning when I met Shiv by chance on my way to college. I already know that the result was out and I had seen your number among the list of successful candidates in the Tribune. It was, however, a matter of great happiness to me when Shiv told me that you have won a merit scholarship also.

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on your outstanding success. I send my congratulations to your respected parents also. I am confident that you will always come up to their expectations.

By your great success, you have brought a good name of your family and also a credit to yourself. Let this success lead you to higher and higher success in life. Surely if you go on achieving continued successes in the coming examinations you will carve out a distinguished career in life.

Once again I extend my congratulations to you on your grand success. Please pay my respects to your parents and give my love to your younger brothers and sisters.

Yours sincerely,

Sohan Dev

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This is all about How to write an Informal letter for congratulating a friend on scholarship.

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