letter of sympathy to friend for condoling him on the death of his mother

If you want to know how to write a sympathy letter to a friend for condoling him on his mother death. This type of letter is also asked in the examination.

letter of sympathy to friend

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Informal sympathy letter to friend for condoling on mother’s Death

148, Gandhinagar,


16th April 2016

Dear Ramesh,

I cannot express to you in a letter how painfully shocked I was to learn of the sudden and most untimely death of your mother. If I have been so pained, how much must be the pain inflicted upon you by this cruel blow? Your attachment to your departed mother was naturally very deep. You must be keenly feeling the pangs of separation from one whom you could not bear to be out of your sight.

We cannot possibly explain the ways of Providence. It is beyond human power to fathom the hidden purpose behind the cruel hand of death, who snatches away one in the very prime of life. I know that no word of consolation can at such a time soothe your grief caused by the irreparable loss.

The time which is the greatest healer of human sufferings will enable you to bear your sad bereavement patiently. And my request is that you do not allow yourself to break down under this terrible calamity and bear it manfully. As the eldest son of your family. You have a special duty to look after your bereaved father, who has lost his helpmate at this age.

May God grant peace to the departed soul and to your ailing heart.

I remain

Your much-esteemed friend,


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