Informal Letter to friend describing a street quarrel

Informal Letter to friend

Street quarrel is getting common now in India or every country. We find it in every town, villages or a city. The reason behind their quarrel is not very big. The quarrel starts with a small reason and their ends are usually very serious.

In this letter a friend is describing a street quarrel which he saw when he was returning from his college.

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Letter to friend describing street quarrel

Informal Letter to friend describing street quarrel

220-C, Lane 14,


1st September 2016

My dear Kailash,

I regret to say that I have not received any letter from you so far although ten days have passed away since I received your last letter. I do not understand why you are so lazy in writing letters. An interesting event has prompted me to write you this letter.

One day I was returning from my college. When I reached the road crossing of Vivekananda Park, I saw a huge crowd in one corner of the Park. Two persons were quarreling.

One gave the other a blow. He took to his heels. But the one who beat him began to call him names. The person took it ill and returned with a face red with anger. One of them gave a slap to the other. He fell down and his nose began to bleed. Then he was beaten black and blue. Being weak in the structure he could not avenge his insult.

Some persons from the crowd came forward and pacified them. The injured person was removed to the hospital and the other man was taken into custody by the police.

I hope you will reply to me by the return of post. Regards to parents and love to Munni.

Yours sincerely,


Thank you


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