Informal Letter to friend inviting him to your sister wedding

Wedding is a ceremony in which two people of the same religion or different religion joined into a single entity in marriage. Everyone waits for this most special day of their life.

At that day the couple gets many gifts wishes and also blessings from their near and dear ones. Every religion has its own ways of getting married. Different religion has different ways of marriage.

The preparations for the wedding start a few months before the wedding. Both families of the couple sent invitations to their relatives, friends, etc.

In this below article I am going to share How to invite a friend on sister’s wedding.

In this letter, a friend is inviting his friend to sister’s marriage ceremony. He is telling him to come before the marriage ceremony to help him in the preparations for the ceremony.

Informal letter to friend inviting him sister’s wedding

Informal letter to friend inviting sister's wedding

26, Kidwai Nagar,

New Delhi

1st September 2016

Dear Sahil,

You will be glad to know that the marriage of my sister Karishma, has been fixed for the 8th next month. My parents have requested you to come here by the end of the month without fail. There is so much work to do and we are so little prepared for it. My parents seem to consider your taste in clothes especially to be best of all. So you will be in charge of the clothes department.

Moreover, you and I have to make arrangements for the reception of the marriage party and the wedding feast. There is no time to be lost. You must make it a point to come down here as soon as you can.

With best regards.

Yours sincerely,


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So, learners, this is all about Informal letter for inviting friend to your sister’s marriage.

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