Informal Letter to brother telling him about college Annual Sports Day

We all know the wide scope of sports. Schools and colleges are also supporting games and sports. They also encourage students to take part in games. Sometimes, Sports day is also organized by school and colleges. Read this article “Informal Letter writing to a brother telling him about Annual Sports Day” carefully.

Informal Letter to brother telling him about college Annual Sports Day

Informal Letter to brother telling him about college Annual Sports Day

Govt. College,



Feb., 20,201…


My dear Brother,

“Annual Sports Day” is an eventful day, full of thrill and excitement in the history of a college. Sportsmen very eagerly wait for this day. We all realize that sports deserve the same attention and encouragement as the studies do.

Our Annual Sports Day came off last week in the college extensive playgrounds at 2-30 pm. The gentry of the town was invited to this function. It was really a very enjoyable day.

Our college athletes in their uniform looked very smart. Shri S.S. Agnihotri, Deputy Commissioner, Kathua declared the athletic meet open amidst prolonged cheers. Most of the students took part in one game or the other. They vied with one another to make the Sports Day a great success.

The program was a varied one consisting of different events-hurdle race, sack race, donkey race, three-legged race, spoon and marble race, 200-yard race, relay race, tug-of-war, slow cycling, etc. Most of the games provided a lot of joy and amusement. The sack race presented a funny spectacle when the competitors were placed inside the big sacks coming up to the neck and were made to stand shoulder to shoulder.

The inner legs of each pair were tied together and after this, the start was given. In this game, many competitors fell down. It aroused a lot of laughter.

The winners were asked to the victory stand where they were photographed. They felt very proud of their achievements. The tug-of-war was equally strong. The highlight of the Sports Day was the musical chairs for the guests.

Even old men took part in it. They played wonderfully well. They lent delight and dignity to the program. The P.T.I arranged different events very systematically. You will be glad to read that I got medals for standing first in the two hundred meter race and slow cycling.

After the sports were over, the Principal requested the Deputy Commissioner to give away the prizes to the winners. The chief guest in a short speech brought home to us the importance and utility of sports in life. He said that sports are an integral part of education.

They impact us not only physical health but also mental health. They teach us many moral lessons such as sportsmanship, tolerance, optimism, punctuality, patience, team spirit, obedience, perseverance. Last, of all, the Principal thanked the Deputy Commissioner and the distinguished guests for sparing their valuable time. On the whole, the Sports Day was a unique success.

With love,

Yours affectionately,



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This is all about Informal Letter to brother telling him about college Annual Sports Day.

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