Informal Letter to Father Describing the Prize Distribution Ceremony

Schools and Colleges organize competitions and functions from time to time. Students participate in these competitions and functions and also win so many prizes. Whenever they win prizes. They feel very excited and share it with friends and family. Read “How to writer an Informal letter to father telling him about the Prize distribution ceremony.

Informal Letter to Father Describing the Prize Distribution Ceremony

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Letter to Father describing The Prize Distribution Ceremony

Govt. Degree College,

5th Jan. 2021

My dear father,

I am writing to you about the Prize-distribution ceremony of our college which came off on the 1st of January. The Honourable Minister of Education presided over the function.

Preparations were going on in full swing for some days prior to the function. The compound of the college was decorated with flags, buntings, leaves and also with flowers. A beautiful platform was also erected in the centre of the spacious college ground for the purpose.

The president with all other visitors was given a right royal reception by the N.C.C. troops and Defence squads of our college. The ceremony began with Vande Matram followed by a sweet song specially composed for the occasion which touched the hearts of all. Afterwards, a declamation contest was held in different languages.

Moreover, this was followed by a one-act drama staged by the students of the college. The principal of our college then read the Annual Report detailing all-round progress during the previous year.

The President then at the request of our principal gave away the prizes consisting of many cups, gold and silver medals and valuable books. I received a gold medal for standing first in the declamation contest. The distribution of prizes being over, a few suitable speeches appreciating the various achievements of our college and also making certain practical suggestions for further improvement, were made by some of the gentlemen present.

At last, the president in a neat, short speech exhorted us to be true to our national ideal in all our activities. After a vote of thanks to the chair proposed by the secretary of our college, the ceremony came to a close with the singing of Jana Gana Mana. Moreover, to the happiness of the students, our principal declared the next day to be a holiday.

I am quite well here. With best respects to mummy and yourself and love to the younger’s.

Your affectionate son,

This is all about how to write a letter to father describing the Prize distribution ceremony. I hope you liked it.

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