Letter to father informing him of the recent attack of illness

It is common that everyone gets ill. But whenever we get ill we feel upset. If you are out of the house and you are ill. Then you should inform your parents and also consult with the doctor. Read How to write “Letter to father informing him of the recent attack of illness”.

Informal Letter to father informing him recent attack of illness

Letter to Father informing him about Illness

K.H.N., School

25 Feb 2021

My dear Father,

Your letter reached me in time, but as I was confined to bed at the time I received it, I could not send in a reply earlier. On the night of the 18th last, I went to bed rather late in the night as I had to finish some urgent homework. After I was in bed for half an hour or so, I felt a dull sort of pain about the left waist. The pain gradually increased in intensity until it became almost impossible to be endured. It caused me to writhe and toss in bed and I had a feeling of suffocation. At that late hour, it was not possible to secure any medical help. I had, therefore, no alternative but to take some drug for relieving the pain. After this, the pain subsided.

The next morning, however, the pain came on again, subsiding only after taking the pain reliever. I have had frequent attacks since. I consulted a doctor but he could give no definite opinion as I could not exactly locate the seat of pain. He advised me to have a region of pain X-ray. I have not as yet made up my mind what to do.

Affectionately yours,

Letter from Father to his son to maintain Health

My dear son,

Your mother and I were much concerned to learn that you had a bad attack of pain. But we are relieved that the pain has now subsided. I spoke to a doctor giving him your description of the nature of your pain. He believes it is Lumbago, particularly because its first appearance was on the New Moon, though it might also be neuralgia.

Your doctor’s suggestion to have yourself X-ray indicates that he suspects the pain to be due to a stone in the kidney. But the doctor here rules this doubt because the pain caused by a stone in the kidney is never of an intermittent character. This diagnosis had considerably relieved our anxiety for otherwise, your case would have to be regarded as rather serious. Anyway take particular care of your health and let me know immediately. if there is a return of the pain. Try to come here as soon as your school closes. A change may do you good.

We are all doing well. With love.

Yours affectionately,
Ram Krishan

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