Informal letter to father requesting him to increase your pocket money

As we know the cost of everything increasing day by day. Cost of food items, traveling also increasing with greater speed. It is so difficult for the students to manage their expenses in less pocket money. If you are living in a hostel, it is also difficult to manage everything in less money.

Read this article carefully, letter to father requesting for pocket money. It is a letter to your father requesting him to increase your monthly allowance in view of rising expenditure.

How to Write Informal letter for requesting father to increase your monthly allowance

letter to father for pocket money

Govt. Degree College,

Lalitpur, M.P.

August 15, 2016

Dear Father,

I do feel that you as a single earning member of the family have your own difficulties in these hard days. I would not have liked to trouble you anymore but circumstances force me to write this letter to you. On account of the daily rise in prices of every commodity, the increase in mess charges, the washerman’s charges, the cost of books and paper, etc. my monthly expenses have expanded so much that I find no longer possible to pull on with Rs. 5000 per month. I have, therefore, to request you to increase my monthly allowance to Rs. 7000/from the coming month.

I hope, keeping in view the facts mentioned by me, you will agree to my request.

Regards to dear mother and love to Sonu.

Yours lovingly,


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This is all about “Informal letter to father increase your pocket money”. I hope you liked it.

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