Letter to father telling him about your recent illness

Today, there are so many diseases present. This is the reason, we get ill very soon. If you want to save yourself from these diseases you have to take full care of your health. If you are a student and live far from your house and get ill then you should tell this your parents as soon as possible and also consult with a good doctor. Read this article “How to write a letter to father telling him about your recent illness”.

Informal Letter to father telling him about your recent illness

Letter to father telling him about your recent illness

44, Boarding House,
Govt. College,

14th September, 202…

My dear Father,

Last month I fell ill all of a sudden. I came. back at 2 PM. from the college as usual, but felt some pain in the stomach. I took some desi or Yunani medicine, but it gave me no relief. The pain went on increasing. I also felt a severe headache. One of my friends, Sultan who also belongs to Harni, hurriedly went out and fetched a doctor, Dr. Roshan Bhalla. The doctor tested me and diagnosed that I suffered from kidney trouble. The chemical examinations of my urine and blood revealed that my blood urea had gone beyond 150.

The doctor gave me an injection and some tablets for oral consumption. This treatment gave me immediate relief. The intensity and sharpness of pain subsided. The doctor indicated a liquid diet consisting mostly of rice and potato. All proteins and cereals were prohibited until the level of my blood urea came down to normal.

Father, I lay in bed for seven days. This was a period of agony and discomfort for me. Day and night I had of taking rice and potato and nothing else. After a few days, it was no longer a relishing diet. I grew sick of it. Everything appeared dull and uninteresting. There was no variety.

I remained under the treatment of Dr. Bhalla for ten days. He was very kind and sympathetic to me. In fact, he gave fatherly affection and always encouraged me by saying that my ailment was due to some minor infection and that I would be all right in a few days more. On the tenth day, my blood urea became normal i.e. 30. All the symptoms of high blood urea-headache, hiccup, slight fever, etc., subsided.

I am quite fit and healthy now. I attend college regularly. You should not worry on my account now. Don’t disclose anything about my recent illness to dear mother lest she would feel upset. She already suffers from heart trouble.

with best regards

Your loving son,
Mohd. Amin


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