Informal Letter to a friend asking for some books

It is a letter to a friend for books. In this letter, a friend is asking to his another friend for sending him books which are of no use for him. As his friend result is out and also he passed with good marks, so he wants his books to read.

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How to Write Informal Letter to friend for books

How to Write Informal Letter to friend for books

10, Sector 2,

Kurl Gate,


July 20, 201…

Dear Subhash,

Your success in the last annual examination has been a piece of aggreable news to me. You have, however, not favored me with the details of your result. Anyway, I am confident that they have been as brilliant as in the previous years. I expect to hear from you in reply that you have topped the list of successful students and look forward to securing the gold medal.

Our examinations are over but the results are not yet out. I fared pretty well and hope to be promoted, though I cannot at this moment tell you what my position would be.

I believe there will be new text-books for the class to which you have been promoted. Under these circumstances, your old text-books will i certainly be of no use to you. I shall be thankful to you if you kindly help me with such of these books as you will not require. One thing more. You have, I know, a fine collection of English works of fiction, adventure and the like.

As I have sufficient leisure until the beginning of the new Session, I would like to utilize it as profitable as I can. I would, therefore, request you to be so kind as to send me a few selected books which in your opinion, are likely to be both interesting as well as instructive. I shall return them as soon as I have read through them.

Hoping you are quite hale and hearty.

I remain

Ever yours,


Reply to the above

101, Link Road,


10th April 2016

My dear Kailash,

Your letter reached me duly. My thanks to you for your good wishes. I could not give you my results in detail in the last letter because they were not out when I wrote to you. You will be glad to know that I have not falsified your expectations. I have stood first in my class and have been fortunate also to win the gold medal. I am eagerly waiting to hear from you equally goods news about your result.

Regarding the books you have asked for, I shall only be too glad to give them to you. I have no further need for any of my old text-books and you may have all of them for your use. I am also sending a few selected story books as you have desired. I hope to see you personally in a few days time and I shall take down with me all the books you want.

Hope this letter will find you in perfect health.

Yours affectionately,


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