Informal Letter to Friend describing Superstitious Beliefs of People


In this modern age, there are still so many people who believe in superstitious. Read this article “Informal Letter writing to a friend describing him the superstitious beliefs of people”. This is a letter to your friend telling him about the superstitious beliefs of people.

Informal Letter to friend describing superstitious beliefs of people

Informal Letter to a friend describing superstitious beliefs of people

Examination Hall



24th July, 200…


My dear Shastri,

As you told me it is really a very small town. A good athlete can easily run around the town for practice. But people here are so nice. They made me feel as if I had come into the midst of those who were quite known to me.

When I was going to enter my house taken on a small rent of fifty rupees a month, I found a jug full of water and some flowers floating on the top. I was quite surprised. Then my landlord came forward and explained that it was placed there to bring fullness and contentment to my life. He also advised putting some coin into the jug.

The other day when I was to go to college, the good wife of my landlord came running with curd and sweets for me to eat. She said that while going to begin my career as a lecturer, I should eat curd and sweets. “They will bring great success and prosperity in my life,” she said.

In the afternoon I came back from college. While moving towards my room, I observed the old mother of my landlord marking my steps. I wondered what was wrong with my legs. And I came to know about it in the evening. The landlord invited me to take tea with him. I obliged him. While taking tea, he told me that I was really a good man. I asked him how he had come to know of that. Then he said, “Today my mother marked your steps.” You always lift your right foot first. When you entered your room, you put in your right step first. My mother says that such persons are really lucky. I have yet lived in this house for a day only. But if I live here for a month more, I am sure I will begin to look at and do things like them.

Superstitions have made them sweet and lovable. With hope to hear from you soon.


Yours sincerely,


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This is all about Informal Letter to a friend describing the superstitious beliefs of people. 

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