Informal Letter to friend describing the dowry system prevailing in India

Dowry system is the worst evil of Indian society and it is necessary to encourage people about this. It is the duty of youngsters to fight against this evil because only youth can stop this evil. In this article, You will know how to write “Informal letter writing to a friend describing the impacts of the dowry system in India”. By writing this letter to your friend you can make him understand about dowry system.

Informal Letter to friend describing the dowry system prevailing in India

Informal Letter to friend describing the dowry system prevailing in India

Examination Hall,


17th Feb. 20…


My dear John,

You know very well that one of the worst social evils prevailing in India is the dowry system. Many a girl of marriageable age has been deprived of her life partner simply because her parents have been unable to provide a decent dowry for her. The pieces of various articles-gold, cloth, furniture, etc. which are given by way of dowry, have risen very high. The poor parents find it difficult to meet the expenses of a marriage of their daughters. If they borrow money from other people, more often than not they find it difficult to clear off their debts throughout their lives.

‘You will agree with me that there can be no two opinions that the dowry system is a curse on society and a blot on the married couple. It has commercialized the sacred institution of marriage. To treat a marriage a monetary transaction is morally degrading and socially unsound. It speaks of the mean mentality of the parents of the boys. It is no wonder if parents blame their stars at the birth of a daughter. Many grown-up girls have committed suicide on realizing the inability of their parents to cope with marriage expenses. Such has been the fear of this social evil.

You will agree with me that marriage is the union of two souls. It is more a spiritual union than a physical bond. No deeply emotional and permanent relationship can be built between men and women if it is raised on the shifting sandy foundation of the dowry system. In fact, such a marriage will not result in domestic happiness. A young girl who knows well how her parents were put to great hardships while arranging for her dowry, will never pardon her husband.

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Young men and women have already taken a vow, neither to give nor to receive dowry. This idea has to be popularised among the masses. There are already some voluntary organizations like ‘Dahez Na Do Sabhas’ which are propagating that the cursed dowry system should be abolished. What is needed is that the government and the public should work in co-operation, to abolish the curse of dowry system.

Some states have introduced laws prohibiting the giving or receiving of a dowry. For instance, in Punjab, a person found giving or receiving a dowry is liable to be lined and punished. Similarly, many other states have also prohibited the giving of a dowry.

But as ill-luck would have it, the people who are in the habit of giving and receiving dowry have adopted a new method. They do not give and receive dowry at the time of marriage but receive before and after it in the form of cash. The dowry system is so deeply ingrained in our society that a marriage without a dowry is unthinkable. So in spite of the best efforts of the government, the dowry system has not been “abolished”. The system has deep roots in society. Unless the government and the public co-operate and do vigorous propaganda against the evil, the complete abolition of the dowry system may remain a dream only.

I hope you would be good enough to enlighten me with your own views on the subject.


With regards,

Yours sincerely,



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