Informal Letter to friend describing the preparation of examination

During exam time, there is a lot of excitement in students and also fear too. We ask our friends about the preparation of exams. Sometimes, we also take the help of our friends in the study when we have doubts. Read this article “How to Write an Informal Letter to a friend describing him about your preparation of exams”.

Informal Letter to friend describing the preparation of  examination

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Letter to a friend describing your preparation of examination

Examination Hall,

18th March, 2021

My dear Ramesh,

In your last letter, you were anxious to know what preparation I had made for the coming examination to be held in April next. I can very well appreciate your anxiety because you want me either to top the list of successful candidates or get at least a high first division. I hope I have made sufficient preparations to come up to your expectations.

Well, I have revised my courses three times by now. I am now doing the fourth revision. In English, I have to get about 75% marks. In Physics my preparation is thorough. Therefore, I should not get less than 90% marks. In Biology, I hope to secure more than 80%. The only stumbling block is, of course, Chemistry in which I feel, I am still weak. The numerical questions in it are a bit difficult. Anyhow, I am devoting my full attention to Chemistry and hope to make up for my deficiency in it by the time the examination takes place. I am getting coaching from Prof. R.N. Sharma, our Chemistry Professor. He is a very conscientious worker and spares no pains to instill into my mind the intricate formulas and equations of Chemistry.

You are perfectly right in bringing home to me the importance of handwriting. I agree with you that a good hand carries more marks than the slovenly written answers in an illegible hand. You will be glad to know that I have made a marked improvement in my handwriting. Now I write a fairly neat hand. I have given up the habit of scribbling with my pen.

I have made full preparations for the examination. But my actual performance will, however, be judged after the declaration of the result.

My parents, as you know, are also anxious that I should get at least 80% marks in the total so that I may be eligible for a seat in a Medical College.

You should pray for my brilliant success. With love and regards.

Yours sincerely,
Gurbaksh Singh.

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Thank you.


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