Informal Letter to friend describing to him your favourite hobby

We all have some hobbies like dancing, singing, traveling, etc. A hobby is something that we like to do. We also like to tell our hobbies to our friends. So, Today’s article is on “How to write a Letter to a friend describing to him your favorite hobby”.

Informal Letter to friend describing to him your favourite hobby

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Letter to a friend describing your Favourite hobby

Examination Hall,

18th March, 20…..

My dear Karim,

I received your letter the day before yesterday. You have asked me to let you know something about my favorite hobby. I think a bookworm like you will fail to appreciate the importance of a hobby in one’s life. A hobby is a pastime or amusement. It provides a lot of relaxation during your leisure hours after your main work is over. Sometimes it becomes a source of both pleasure and profit. Different hobbies depend upon one’s taste, temperament, and means. A hobby provides a joyful break in one’s dull, routine life. In fact, all work and no hobby make life a dull and poor affair.

I have got my own favorite hobby which is a source of joy and relaxation to me. My hobby is to solve “Cross-Word Puzzles.” When I feel tired of college work, I sit in my easy chair, take up the Illustrated Weekly or other good magazines and start solving the puzzles. When I’m deeply absorbed in thinking over the puzzles, I look like a philosopher. Every cross-word puzzle is a problem. If I happen to solve it correctly, I feel very happy also. I, therefore, begin to hope that this time I will win a prize. Sometimes I do get a consolation prize.

My hobby is a rich source of delight for me. It is a mental exercise and a monetary gain also. Moreover, It is a touchstone of our mental knowledge and awareness. It is of great benefit. It increases our vocabulary, sharpens our memory, and develops our power of right thinking. Hence let me tell you that after enjoying my hobby, I feel quite refreshed and relaxed, active and cheerful. You should not imagine that it is a sheer waste of time, energy, and money. After enjoying my hobby, I become more energetic to apply my mind to my studies. I always do well in the examination and the college is proud of my literary achievements.

I am sure now you will realize the importance of a hobby and adopt one of the following hobbies depending upon your taste gardening, mountain climbing, swimming, stamp, coin or cartoon collecting, photography, painting, horse-riding, etc.

With best regards,
Yours Sincerely,
Aslam Khan.

This is all about how to write a letter to a friend describing your favourite hobbies.

Thank you.


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