Informal Letter to friend explaining the necessity of reservation seats

As we all know the importance of reservation seats in technical institutions. This is a letter to your friend explaining the necessity of the reservation of seats in technical and vocational institutions and the posts in government services.

Informal Letter to friend explaining the necessity of reservation seats

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Letter to friend explaining the necessity of Reservation Seats

45, Main Bazar,

15th August, 20…

My dear Shushila,

In your last letter, you were anxious to know why seats and posts are reserved by the government in technical and vocational institutions and government services for some categories of candidates. I discuss the problem in detail for your information. In view of their special position in the society, our constitution lays down that certain posts are reserved for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in connection with the maintenance of efficiency of administration.

Similar reservations were made for the students of those communities with regard to their admission to various technical, vocational, and professional courses. These reservations were first made for ten years only. But they have since been reserved thrice and their percentage has also been increased. Later on, these concessions were extended to many other backward classes.

The issue of reservation of posts and seats raised a storm of controversy. Some enlightened people hailed the measures as a step towards social justice, whereas some others objected to it on the ground that it perpetuated caste sentiments and hindered national integration, and ignored merit.

The principle of the reservation of seats and posts has been justified on a number of grounds. It leads to national development by providing equal opportunities and resources to the neglected sections of society. Those who receive such benefits develop in them a sense of belonging to society. They can compete with others.

The opponents of the policy of reservation of seats and posts argue that it hampers the development of skills and resources, demoralizes those who benefit, and destroys their sense of dignity and self-respect. Under this scheme, individuals are deprived of their rights not on grounds of merit but caste and community considerations. Moreover, it widens the bad distinction among various groups.

These concessions create a vested interest in their continuation and deprive some people of their rightful dues. In addition to this, many sections of society have started claiming rightly or wrongly that they belong to the backward classes. The result is that many rightly eligible persons are ignored. It is common to experience that the policy of reservation has not benefited all those for whom it was meant.

On the whole, the policy of reservation of seats and posts is justified for the really backward, poor underprivileged classes. But backwardness of a person should be linked with his economic condition and not with his caste, community, etc.

I hope you will be in a better position to appreciate the policy of reservation of seats and posts.

With respect to your parents,
Yours sincerely

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