Informal Letter to friend explaining why there should be prohibition in India

If any of your friends want to know about prohibition. Then read this article “Informal Letter writing to a friend explaining why Prohibition should be in India”. This is a letter to a friend explaining about prohibition. Hope, this article will be fruitful for you.

Informal Letter to friend explaining why there should be prohibition in India

Informal Letter to a friend explaining why there should be prohibition in India

Examination Hall,

Centre ……..


19th Dec, 201…


My dear Nancy,

In your last letter, you were anxious to know why India should introduce prohibition. Well, my dear, prohibition is a must in India. Wine taking is a curse. It injures the health, affects the morals and ruins the economic position of a drunkard. In fact, a nation which is addicted to drinking is a ruined nation. A government which depends upon the revenue from the sale and manufacture of liquors and other intoxicating drinks commits a moral wrong. All religions condemn wine and liquor. According to Buddhism, a drunkard will go straight to hell. According to Islam, a drunkard has no place in heaven.

No doubt, at present millions of people are busy in making and selling wine and liquor. In the case of prohibition, they will be rendered unemployed. The government will also lose crores of rupees, which it now earns by way of excise duty. But these benefits are nothing as compared with the physical, economic and moral ruin that drinking brings in. A poor country like India where the income per head is not very high, it is a sin to allow poor people to indulge in wine-taking. More often than not it has been noticed that alcohol and other poisonous liquids are mixed with low kind of liquors which result in many deaths and this also increases death rate. Besides this, our country has to waste thousands of rupees on medicines for curing the diseases caused by adulterated liquors. A hot country like India does not need any liquors.

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History shows us that many a big and civilized nation like the Greeks, the Huns, etc., were ruined because of wine-taking. The great Mughal Empire also lost its importance and was ruined through the influence of wine taking. It may be mentioned that prohibition is a must in a poor and hot country like India. There may be some justification for taking wine in cold countries and for medical purposes. But in India the less wine we take, the better it would be for the individual, as well as society. Therefore, the use of wine and other intoxicants should be banned in India.

It will be very sweet of you to enlighten me with your own valuable opinion and suggestions. I shall be anxiously waiting for your reply, which I should expect by the return of mail.

With best wishes, love to your younger brother and sister.

Yours Sincerely,



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This is all Informal Letter to a friend explaining why there should be prohibition in India.

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