Informal letter to friend for inviting him to attend a picnic party

We all like to go on a picnic. We go on a picnic with friends, family and our loving ones. A picnic is a way to enjoy and spend our free time. Sometimes, we plan for a picnic and also invite our old friends to join us.

This is a letter to a friend inviting him to attend a picnic party and telling him about the arrangements you have made for the occasion.

Informal letter to friend for inviting him to attend a picnic party

Letter to Friend for inviting him to a Picnic Party

7-A/B Gole market,

12th January 2021

Dear Inder,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that our class is going to Patnitop on Sunday next. Our class teacher has made wonderful arrangements. When our class requested him to arrange for an excursion. to Patnitop, he was much pleased with the suggestion. We collected Rs. 200/each and handed over the amount to the leader of the sub-committee which consisted of five students of our class.

An SRTC bus has been arranged. It will reach our school gate at 8 A.M. All the students from our class will reach the school fifteen minutes earlier. The in-charge of our party will make necessary purchases for the eatables – sweets, fruits, flour, ghee, etc. Two of our college peons will also accompany us. We shall reach Patnitop at about 10 A.M. It is a nice picnic spot.

We will cook our meals containing halwa, puris, rice, etc. Some of our class fellows are good singers. They will sing good songs. Others are experts in dance. I shall take my tape recorder, which my brother sent from Singapore. We shall enjoy sweet songs, speeches and listen to the news also.

As the program is very interesting, I wish you to attend the picnic party. I have paid your contribution. Our worthy class teacher was kind enough to agree to my request to allow you to accompany us to the picnic. I hope you will not disappoint.

Yours sincerely,

This is all about how to write an informal letter to a friend inviting him to take part in a Picnic party.

Thank you


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