Informal Letter to friend in England describing trends in Indian films

Every country has its own trend. We always like to know about the trends in other countries. Most of our friends who are from out of country always ask about our country people, culture, trends, etc. If your friend also asks you about the Indian trends. Then read this article “Informal Letter to a friend in England describing trends in Indian films”. By writing this letter to your friend you can tell him about the trends in Indian films.

Informal Letter to friend in England describing trends in Indian films

Informal Letter to a friend in England describing trends in Indian films

Examination Hall,

……. City.


17th March, 201…


My dear Peter,

In your last letter, you expressed your keenness to know the latest trends in Indian films. So I am describing for your information some of the modern trends in Indian films.

India has a flourishing film industry. The cinema is by far the most popular form of entertainment here as elsewhere in the world. Moral values and entertainment are combined in Indian films. For quite some time, the Indian films were dull. They had the usual love stories the boy chasing girl theme with a villain of the piece thrown in to be ultimately defeated. And it had to be because the measuring rod was the box-office return.

So far as the treatments of love are concerned most of the stories are usually divorced from real life. Couples are shown as falling in love in quite unconvincing and incredible ways, and the source of their love is equally fanciful and unreal. Nor is there any variety in the theme chosen for treatment in these film stories.

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Historical themes and legends have, no doubt been exploited with some success. Films like Taj Mahal, Mughal-e-Azam, Anarkali, Do Bigha Zamin, Ganga Jamuna, Dosti, Sangam, etc. have good entertainment and moral value. You Englishmen may call our films didactic, or purpose films because very few purely dance and song films; in other words, musical comedies have been produced in India as you find in England. But some of the films have plenty of humor which is very entertaining.

Another notable trend in Indian films is that the compulsions of social and economic changes have turned the Indian producers and directors towards the problem play. This is a healthy trend. The cinema has become an important medium of social and economic changes. It has changed the thinking of the mass mind to a great extent by creating new socio-economic awareness and responsibility. It has promoted national unity and emotional integration.

Formerly the Indian Board of Censors disallowed sex themes. But now the old restrictions have been relaxed. As a result of this sex and nudity are often displayed in the Indian films. The scenes of kissing and embracing, till thy songs and half-naked dances, excite the sexual passions of the cinema-goers. “For Adults Only,” meant as a deterrent for the young is acting as an open invitation to them to flock to these sex thrillers. Some of the most popular films which prove box office-hits, are nothing but is comedies full of vulgar songs, cheap jokes, sex exciting dances, and noises. The sex-appeal is uppermost in them. In fact, they are catching the trend of Hollywood pictures.

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No doubt, an Indian film has about half a dozen very sweet and melodious songs. But on grounds of realism, it is impossible to defend these songs because the audience is compelled to believe that every heroine is a nightingale and every hero a musician. This is impossible.

Lastly, Indian films are becoming more and more artistic. Direction and photography are often very good. Music and dancing have shown marked improvement. But as yet India has not achieved the artistic excellence of Hollywood. She is unable to produce aerial, naval, jungle and mountain pictures which require high technical skill, expensive equipment, and other resources.

In short, Indian films have brought about great socio-economic change. The Indian film industry has a great future and as time passes, some of its glaring defects would be removed and high standards of artistic excellence achieved.


With best regards,

Yours sincerely,



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